The other day I went into the office for the first time since March. I said hello to my ‘stuff’ and grabbed a stack of mail off my desk — three pieces of mail. From March to August. It’s crazy! What a huge missed opportunity for anyone trying to sell me anything.

I’ve received thousands of unsolicited emails since March, but only three letters through the mail. Nothing handwritten. Nothing clever or engaging. Why not?

Mail is everywhere. It’s all over the news. It’s important.

Not only do we like mail, but we can’t get our mail fast enough.


Here’s the untold secret to higher online conversion rates.

Digital content is tricky business. No news here. Want to improve conversion rates? Keep reading, because this blog post might get you that next promotion or save your job.

That’s it. That’s the secret — the idea that a blog post could get you promoted. It’s a stretch, yes.

The fear of missing out on a promotion on the other hand, is not. Humans are the fear-driven patriarchs of the animal kingdom. Fear-based marketing works because buyers are genuinely afraid of missing out. Let’s quickly define fear to avoid blowing things out of proportion.

Fear is unpleasant. It anticipates danger…

What you give to your employees, they give back to you tenfold. Even the smallest gestures can raise morale to ensure your team stays motivated, their productivity stays high, and the adjustment of remote work becomes a little easier.

Good to know… now what?

One of the biggest struggles of remote work is the lack of human connection. It’s an irreplaceable part of office culture. Without it, working from home would be all doom and gloom. …

Harry Truman coined the term brag ads to describe advertisements during WWII run by companies that promoted their own brand, products and services instead of ads pushing patriotism, war bonds and salvage drives. It was not a compliment. Public opinion turned against companies that, in the public’s eye, encouraged wasteful spending that was often seen as unpatriotic.

An excerpt from a 1940s Gentle Northern ad

For most Americans, life was one of sacrifice to support the effort: limited consumer choice and minimal leisure time. This is how Darren Garret of described consumers in 1945, not today.

Spotting emerging trends is one advantage I get by working at…

Marketing is crazy right now.

For crying out loud, somebody share some good news. We’re staring down the road of uncertainty. None of us have been here before.

Anyone that tells you they have a foolproof recipe for marketing engagement is off their rocker. We’re in uncharted waters. Engagement is based on need today. 100%. Want is something we dream about.

From a messaging perspective, do we leverage humor to lighten the mood or is that seen as insensitive to the human tragedy that surrounds us?

We could do nothing, I guess. It’s an option. If we do something, what…

Keep your head, while others are losing theirs.

A VLG Holobox that can be used to bring digital conferences to life.

Breathe. Inhale. Exhale. Now that the reality of cancelled events has had time to sink in, here are five ways marketing will manage their new found need to engage digital conference goers online. (We saved the best for last. Don’t skimp on step five!)

1) Don’t waste an opportunity to give someone a tangible experience. All those giveaways, check-in bags and swag, heck even the badges, will be repurposed to provide a virtual check-in experience for would-be conference attendees. No line. No luggin’ a bag around on day one. All the excitement of branded merch and giveaways from the comfort…

In celebration of National Peanut Butter Day, Jif released a limited edition jar of peanut butter that has marketers around the world taking notes. They partnered up with Giphy to help settle the internet-wide debate… Is it pronounced gif (with a hard g) or jif (with a j sound)?

How can peanut butter influence your brand personality?
Skippy didn’t want to be left out of the fun. Giphy, are you seeing this?!

What can we learn from this tasty collaboration?

B2B companies have a tendency to be uptight, risk averse, and buttoned up. They often are more worried about how to say the right thing without deviating from their brand guidelines.

On the other hand, consumer brands are more willing to give their brand personality a sense of humor. They treat…

A few suggestions for SMB (AKA big dawgs need different toys)

We’ve all seen the tech map put together by Scott Brinker that shows the gazillion software tools available to us marketers and busy professionals looking to shortcut our sales cycle and win business. As an agency, we get a peek into which tools our clients are using and have our own opinions.

The following is a list of solutions you should be considering that solve niche challenges. I’m not picking winners and losers here. There is no silver bullet. There is not a single platform that does everything you need and that’s actually awesome. …

Set your social media strategy up for success

By now, we all know the importance of social media. Regardless of your feelings about each particular platform, having a presence on each and every one is critical for your company’s reputation.

But rather than mindlessly sharing to your social accounts, you can leverage your social media strategy by creating a plan that integrates your marketing goals. Now, you’re creating an extension of your marketing strategy, with new business and lead generation as the end goal.

  • Extend your strategy to social media. Creating and sharing content on social media is a natural…

The Rebound Effect

When marketing technology does more harm than good

This isn’t the first time we’ve seen the rebound effect hit marketing over the last decade, which makes it all the more pressing to identify where we are and where this is likely headed.

You probably won’t find articles about the rebound effect applied to marketing; it’s more likely found in news about pharmaceuticals or energy economics. But, if others are willing to apply this hypothesis to those disparate fields, surely we can use it for marketing too.

In pharmaceuticals, the rebound effect is seen in patients prescribed certain…

VLG Boredom Fighters

Happy people doing a little #marketing deep in the heart of Texas. Design friendly. #digital #directmail

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