Initial Proposal

Design Context

The Edinburgh Festival is a collective term for many arts, performance, science and literature that takes place each summer, mostly in August. During the festival period in August, millions of tickets will be issued, with visitors coming to the city from all over the world. However, a great number of people who cannot attend the festival physically would like to get a taste of the best that’s on offer. Therefore, we explored the design opportunity that we would leverage data, networks, and technology to bring the Edinburgh Festival to the remote audiences.


With the development and popularization of mobile phones, the traditional red telephone booth is becoming more a street icon than a phone station. People rarely make a call there or even treat it as a landfill. Therefore, it would be a good opportunity to utilize the telephone booths and make them live again.

A telephone booth is becoming a landfill - Photo by Jaywee

Inspired by the dancing traffic light and the phone box library, we get a deep insight that the new interaction placed on old street stuff not only attract people’s attention successfully but also generate social value through the collective power. Hence, we decided to redesign the traditional telephone booth into a stage for audiences who attend the Edinburgh Festival physically to interact with the remote audiences and spread the festival to people wherever they may be.

Design proposals

We would like to design a website and a new telephone booth to develop the design opportunity. People all over the world can vote online (poll on Twitter or the website) for the show of the next day that they would like to “see” in the booth. The physical audience can act the top 3 online-selected shows in the telephone booth (guided by an actor in the streamed video). The acting video can be tweeted out and uploaded/sorted on the Booth’s website. Therefore, the new booth would be decorated with cameras, a screen, speakers, etc.

The setup of the redesigned telephone booth - Sketch by Kiersten
Main steps of a person using the prototype - Sketch by Circle
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