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www.wefixmoney.com number

Most of the Americans are ignorant of the fact that a bad credit score not only create hurdles in securing a loan but can also make them ineligible for the job desired by them. In a recent survey conducted by Visa USA reveals that just 20% of the Americans are aware that an employer can refuse to hire any prospective employee on the basis of their credit score. A whopping 52% respondents even termed it illegal while 28% were uncertain. The survey further reveals that nearly 42% consumers have never bothered to check their credit score and they did not know whether they have a good or bad credit score. A majority of the employers have even made credit check a compulsory part of the job application process, similarly like criminal background checks and drug testing www.wefixmoney.com number www.wefixmoney.com number.

Bad credit is a major deterrent for those seeking credit to finance their business and even to employees seeking a better job. But you do not need to get disheartened. The credit market has not dried up for you.

FICO score — a measure of credit risks, ranges from 300–850. Those who have scored less than 600 are referred as bad creditor. Those who falls in this category are eligible for bad credit personal loans. In addition anyone suffering from arrears, defaults, CCJ, IVA, bankruptcy can also obtain bad credit personal loans www.wefixmoney.com number www.wefixmoney.com number.

There are certain unavoidable situations when you have faced the problem of unexpected emergency expenses or a series of losses. But that is not the end of the road. Most of the emergency expenses are well beyond our control and a majority of lenders do understand that most of the people at some point or the other go through such unfortunate happenings! They just expect you to avoid such mistakes in the future and be honest about your previous experiences www.wefixmoney.com number.

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