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Image: REUTERS/ Mohamed Nureldin Abdallah

Since the World Economic Forum launched its Value in Healthcare project in 2016, leaders in the global healthcare industry have developed a clear understanding of what it will take to improve healthcare value (defined as the delivery of continuously improving health outcomes to patients at the same or lower cost). In particular, the project has emphasized the importance of four key enablers that provide the essential foundation for any value-based health system:

- Systematic reporting of health outcomes by disease and population group, benchmarking across providers and research and development of decision support tools;

- New models of service delivery that are more integrated around the patient ensuring efficient and appropriate…

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Image: REUTERS/ Jean-Paul Pelissier

Nancy Brown, Chief Executive Officer, American Heart Association

Heather Bresch

Dr Lucica Ditiu

As a leader in promoting cardiovascular health, what are some of the game changing innovations that you feel has still not reached its full potential to improve global health?

Precision medicine holds significant promise to diagnose, prevent, and treat cardiovascular diseases and offers the global health community tremendous opportunity to design treatments and products tailored to the individual patient.

Since precision medicine is personalized to a person’s specific characteristics, such as their genetic makeup, or the genetic profile of their condition, scientists and researchers are positioned to create bold interventions to combat leading healthcare challenges like cardiovascular disease. …

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New buses and cable cars will connect poorer Ecuadorians with jobs in the city centre. Image: Danny Arte

Mauricio Rodas Espinel, Mayor of Quito, Municipality of Quito

In November 2019, the people of Quito will start travelling on the city’s first metro line, three years after construction started. The line will be expected to support at least 300,000 trips daily, becoming the spine of what’s billed as an “integrated multimodal transport system” for the Ecuadorian capital. It’s the answer to what has been one of Quito’s most pressing challenges: improving mobility conditions for its more than two million inhabitants.

Located within the complex topography of the Andes mountain range, Quito sits amid mountains and deep valleys. It is crossed by four tectonic faults, 192 ravines and surrounded by 20 volcanoes. …


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