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Well-performing, SEO-optimized and fast website built via Jamstack

About the Brand

Syncrow, headquartered in the vibrant city of Dubai, is renowned as the premier home automation solution provider in the United Arab Emirates. Syncrow’s reputation is built on delivering cutting-edge home automation solutions, making everyday life easier and more enjoyable for their clientele

Goal — What Syncrow Wanted to Achieve

Syncrow approached us with a clear objective: to transition from their existing WordPress website and establish a unique, high-performance online platform that resonated with their clients


One of the unique challenges presented by Syncrow was their innovative “Build Your Own Automation” feature, intricately tied to their existing website. Migrating this feature while maintaining its functionality was a complex task


To address Syncrow’s needs, we implemented the JAMstack architecture, providing the flexibility and performance required. We chose Next.js as the front-end framework for its server-side rendering capabilities and performance benefits. To manage content seamlessly, we integrated Strapi CMS, offering Syncrow an intuitive content management system. Furthermore, we designed a bespoke “Build Your Own Automation” feature, acting as a sales funnel while seamlessly integrating with Zoho for lead management and automation.

Technological Stack

Our team used the following technological stack for the Syncrow project:

Next.js: Employed for front-end development, ensuring dynamic rendering and superior performance.
Strapi CMS: Integrated for content management, simplifying content updates and administration.
Zoho: Seamlessly integrated to manage lead generation and customer relationships.
AWS: Hosted the JAMstack application, guaranteeing scalability and security.

Results — What We Accomplished:

Our JAMstack-based solution brought remarkable results to Syncrow’s online presence:

  • A unique and visually appealing website that perfectly encapsulates Syncrow’s brand and vision.
  • Dramatically improved website performance, leading to faster load times and enhanced user experiences.
  • Smooth integration of the “Build Your Own Automation” feature, preserving its core functionality while enhancing its user interface.
  • Effective lead capture and management through Zoho integration, resulting in increased customer engagement and conversion rates.
  • A highly scalable and secure hosting environment on AWS, ensuring reliability and accommodating future growth.

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