Co-Founder Story — Andrea Bello

WeFund was born as a connection point between the fanbase, producers, and artists. This was created as I was thinking a way to give control to the masses on the product they love, in this case fans with their favorite artist and producers. WeFund as an extension of that idea, to bring the concept even further away.

Once the idea was created, I and Ika saw the possibility of extending this model to other sectors and proposing a global product. So we decided to become a crowdfunding platform to facilitate fundraising and allow small investors can be part of new projects without having high investment liquidity. This is to ensure access that I feel lacking for small investor, some who can be more passionate than the big ones out there, but cannot participate due to many ceilings that such initial fundraise entails.

Living in Bali, we have seen an incredible amount of scam projects, and looking globally, the number of projects with the intent of taking money and disappearing is staggering. Because of this, we started thinking about how to protect investors. Thus was born the idea of ​​using milestones to release funds gradually and after achieving objectives and receiving investor approval. I think this mechanism would protect investors, especially the small ones, and thus we try to dedicate such to be the core value proposition of our platform.

The biggest initial difficulty that for us was I think the lack of an incubation service that would allow us to create the documentation in the correct way and receive the right clues on how to do marketing. Given the past experience, we have decided to create and implement a completely free incubation service for new projects or ideas to fill this gap in the market.

Once this incubation service was developed to prepare projects for fundraising using the crowdfunding system and applying milestones to protect investors, it was only necessary to understand which exact sector we want to cover and which part we want to help solve. So we decided to focus on real-world projects that are looking to implement blockchain technology with social, environmental, economic, and humanitarian impact. Such mission also aligns with my personal goal, bringing impact that brought forth by the masses, with accountability and sense of community.

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About WeFund

WeFund is a multichain community crowdfunding incubator for blockchain and real-world projects. WeFund can incubate and crowdfund diverse blockchain and real-world projects, bridging the gap between the real world and blockchain. In addition to this, WeFund is being developed to be a 360-degree incubation service for projects hosted on the WeFund platform through support and guidance before, during, and after funding has been completed.

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