Co-Founder Story — Ika Nur Afifah

The initial idea, Fansquad, was a platform aimed to connect fans with their favorite creators. Fans would have the opportunity to contribute to a creator’s project via crowdfunding. In return, the fans would receive an NFT or free tickets for events and/or merchandise from the creators they supported.

After the TerraForm Labs hackathon, the idea was expanded to not only include the creative industry, but also real-estate, gaming, fintech, and more leveraging blockchain technology. Because Andrea and I believe the crowdfunding model can be applied to many industries that have a large community of developers, users, and fans. To give the community its full potential, the WeFund platform allows all people to invest in early projects with no minimum removing the requirement of being an accredited or institutional investor. In addition to this, we also wanted to limit the number of whales who could take control of the project by increasing community engagement.

While Bali, is advertised as a crypto-friendly place, there was an influx of scam projects. What does this mean? Projects where created, raise large amounts of capital for a token generation event (TGE) and will leave the project and run away with the money raised without developing anything worth value. These projects would raise funds with only the ideas advertised on their website and whitepaper and would never complete what was promised. From these unfortunate stories and personal experiences, Andrea and I developed a crowdfunding platform that has a milestone system, similar to what is required by grant givers. The purpose of this milestone system is to minimize risk for investors, hold project creators accountable, and improve transparency, greatly reducing the risk of a scam project. In addition to this WeFund is an incubation service for projects that have already delivered an MVP to an idea with great potential. The incubation process is designed to be completed in 3 months to prepare projects for fundraising and have the necessary materials investors need to do their due diligence. The incubation process is 100% free to alleviate any burdens to being a successful entrepreneur. Speaking for myself, I was born underprivileged and had to work hard to be in the position I am now. My family is not close to being rich so I worked hard to have the opportunity to receive scholarships that allowed me to study in international schools and surround myself with the right network. The network I have established is what is driving my career and continuous personal development. I am very fortunate that God gave me a path to achieve my dreams, therefore, I want to help others by connecting entrepreneurs with the resources they need to achieve their dreams through WeFund’s incubation. Hopefully, the incubation provided will remove the barriers that prohibited the underprivileged to be successful entrepreneurs.

Andrea and I decided to make our platform for a niche market, projects that have real-world application, because we want people who not only think about getting rich but also want a positive impact on the rest of the world. We are all aware of the misfortunate occurrences of war, poverty, disease, and corruption. The best thing we can do is act, therefore, we want projects that make the world a better place and have a positive impact on the environment, society, and the world.

Together we can build a better world. Andrea and I developed WeFund to bring entrepreneurs together with the visions that align with WeFund’s mission to build projects that leverage blockchain technology that has real-world impact. Someone needs to start the action and that can be YOU!

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About WeFund

WeFund is a multichain community crowdfunding incubator for blockchain and real-world projects. WeFund can incubate and crowdfund diverse blockchain and real-world projects, bridging the gap between the real world and blockchain. In addition to this, WeFund is being developed to be a 360-degree incubation service for projects hosted on the WeFund platform through support and guidance before, during, and after funding has been completed.

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