WeFund is Proud to Announce an Incubation Fellowship with Frictionless

Frictionless is an exchange network that is addressing the issue of valuable projects’ native currency being devalued by general market speculation, negatively impacting individual projects and their investors. To eliminate this detriment to project and community growth, Frictionless is a trading platform where projects can sell their native assets to investors by wallet-to-wallet transactions, eliminating the need for exchanges and overall market price swings.

Frictionless built a smart-contract-powered ‘Switches’ as the primary mode of negotiation and sale, which can execute the transaction automatically over time. Through faster switches, users can execute a trade within the span of minutes and hours rather than weeks or months.

WeFund will proivde Frictionless with 360-degree incubation assistance in order to help them achieve their purpose, which will entail providing strategic support, particularly in terms of technical and managerial support. In terms of financial raising, Frictionless will be able to use WeFund to fundraise as much as they require.

WeFund will assist Frictionless in obtaining various resources they require to achieve their aim, similar to other incubation efforts WeFund has performed to assist them in raising soft and hard resources such as finance. As part of our 360 incubation service, WeFund will give technical and advisory assistance to Frictionless in addition to fundraising and community access.

Visit Frictionless at https://www.frictionless-network.com/

About WeFund

WeFund is a cross-chain, decentralized incubator crowdfunding platform for the crypto-startup project industry and beyond implemented for a real-life use case. The vision of WeFund is to become the connector of the blockchain ecosystem that exists on the market.

To fulfill this vision, WeFund’s initial development stage would be in the Terra ecosystem and will develop to use additional ecosystems such as Solana, Etherium, Cardano, etc. in the near future.



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Telegram — https://t.me/talkwithwefund

Email: info@wefund.app



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