WeGen Global ICO Event

Hello. This is WeGen, a blockchain based anti-forgery platform. We begins our global ICO on November 1. We invite you to participate in four events for Global ICO investors.

1. About WeGen Global ICO

ICO Schedule
  • 1st sale: Nov. 1~Nov. 14
  • 2nd sale: Nov. 16~Nov. 25
  • 3rd sale: Nov. 27~Dec. 8
  • 1st sale bonus: 7%
  • 2nd sale bonus: 6%
  • 3rd sale bonus: 5%

2. Event Announcement

Event 1: 1st Sale Event

  • Period: 18.11.01~18.11.14 (First Sale)
  • Participation Condition: Investors who have deposited more than 1ETH during the first sale
  • Event Details: 3,000WGC each for 10 people via draw

Event 2: VIP Investor Event

  • Period: 18.11.16~18.11.25 (Second Sale Period)
  • Participation Condition: Investors who have deposited more than 10 ETH during the second sale
  • Event Details: 100% Bonus WGC to 10 investors who have deposited more than 10 ETH

Event 3: Lucky Draw Event

  • Period: 18.11.27~18.12.08
  • Participation Condition: Investors who deposited the specific investment amount
  • Event Details: If the correct answer is ‘123’ / Investor A 5.123 ETH, Investor B 7.123, Investor C 1.123

-> 1st winner: Investor B 7.123/ 2nd winner: Investor A 5.123 ETH/ 3rd winner: Investor C 1.123

  • Prize money: 1st winner: 500,000 WGC / 2nd winner 300,000 WGC / 3rd winner 200,000 WGC

Event 4: Meetup 1+1 Event

  • Period: 18.11.10 during WeGen meetup
  • Participation Condition: Investors participating in the WeGen meetup
  • Event Details: Additional WGC of up to 100ETH value is paid to first two first-come-first-served people who invest over 100ETH at the meetup.

3D security labeling technology, a key technology in the WeGen platform, implements a variety of 3D pattern variations. This technology is more advanced than the simple pattern-altering security technology currently applied to US$100 bills.

Currently, the technology has been selected as ‘Canyon Drive’ in U.S, Gyeonggi Province Governor ‘G Mark’ security film, the security film of the Chung-Ang University Industrial Cooperation Group, and the security film of cosmetics company in Korea.

WeGen 3D security labeling technology

More information about WeGen can be found on the WeGen website and in the WeGen white paper.

※ WeGen ICO event can only be participated through CLET.

Download CLET http://api.clet.io/prefs/store/download

WeGen Official Community
WeGen Homepage: https://www.wegen.io
WeGen Telegram: https://t.me/wegen_official
WeGen Kakao Talk Open Chat: https://open.kakao.com/o/g3pRUl0
WeGen Kakao Talk Plus Friend: https://pf.kakao.com/_jQKxhj