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We all know that the trading industry is a complex and competitive world, where only the most talented and determined succeed. Okay, challenge accepted. Let’s try to be one of them.

Over the past decade or so, we’ve been watching trading evolve, and in the end, it’s evolving just like any other professional sector. People want independence and freedom.

But the problem with being an independent trader is that you don’t just set up on your own to earn income from your work — you need capital. And even if you have the capital to make a living from your trading, you still need to be mentally prepared to put it back on the line every day.

Like us, many other people have identified this problem and tried to solve it by creating “prop firms”. Companies that lend you a certain amount of capital to trade, in exchange for a share of your profits. This is how an idea that can be summed up in one sentence has revolutionized the world of trading in recent years.

Naturally, as passionate traders, we’ve been customers of these prop firms ourselves, and we’ve benefited to the point of wanting to create our own prop firm to offer other traders the chance to make a living from trading.

The reason why we get funded.

To be perfectly honest with you, the prop firm sector is a lucrative business, and as traders, we like profitable bets. That said, we’re not so obsessed with profitability that we’d jump into any deal with our eyes closed. Today, prop firms are all the rage, as they redefine the codes of the trading profession.

And as enthusiasts, we’re not totally immune.

Whatever your sector of activity, it’s always gratifying to be able to be part of those who are driving the profession forward. And that’s why we set about creating our own prop firm: WeGetFunded.

Build a prop firm from pictures.

Since the beginning of this article, we’ve been writing in the second person plural, and you may be wondering — and rightly so — who the people behind the “we” are.

We’re a team of over 80 organized traders from all walks of life and from different countries. Some of us are executives, cyber security experts, risk managers, entrepreneurs, advertisers, developers, but we’re all passionate about what we do. We’re an independent and free community. Join us, there’s still room.

Creating a prop firm requires funds, so we’ve created a collection of three NFTs: Donnie, Jordan & Mark available on Opensea. Let’s take a look at what they look like and why it was worth buying one of these NFTs to invest in the WeGetFunded project.

Jordan NFT // Donnie NFT // Mark NFT on Opensea marketplace

Available in 7 copies, the NFT Jordan grants 1% of WeGetFunded’s net profits each year, 20% discount on all challenges, three 100K challenges per year, 30% on affiliation and access to VIP events. Price setting : 5,27 ETH.

Available in 15 copies, the NFT Donnie grants 0,5% of WeGetFunded’s net profits each year, 10% discount on all challenges, one 100K free challenge per year and 20% on affiliation. If you would like to be part of the project, there is still one available. Price setting : 2,64 ETH

Available in 55 copies, the NFT Donnie grants 0,1% of WeGetFunded’s net profits each year, 5% discount on all challenges, and 20% on affiliation. If you would like to be part of the project : Opensea

Vision ? To the moon, of course.

We’re here to make trading more affordable and give every trader, self-taught or not, the opportunity to make a living from trading. And above all, we want them to succeed. A simple vision, in short.

The idea is also to build a community of traders who pull each other up. We already have a very active Discord, where our members can ask questions, exchange trading ideas or get in touch directly with the after-sales service. In short, we want to break down the image of the suit-and-tie trader and promote the vision of a caring, independent and successful community.

Now that you know a little more about WeGetFunded, we look forward to seeing you on July 17 for the official launch. In the meantime, follow us on our social networks, as promo codes are bound to leak ;)

The WeGetFunded team

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