Camera department career Q&A with Shabier Kirchner, Director of Photography Small Axe

What makes a successful camera team when the stakes are high? How to best work with directors? Insight and advice from the DoP behind Steve McQueen’s latest release.

Last week we hosted our 6th virtual networking session, more than 6 months on from our pilot session launched amidst production’s shut down. For this camera department focused session we were joined by legendary DoP Shabier Kirchner (Small Axe), Julian Court (Killing Eve) and John De Borman (World on Fire).

Following 1-on-1 meet and greets with talented Crew in the camera department the DoPs opened up the floor to questions from the Crew Community. We recorded the Q&A portion to share the insight and advice these DoPs at the top of their game have to offer Crew looking to get into the camera department, or to help them climb the ranks.

First up is Shabier Kirchner and Gerardine O’Flynn, Head of Production at The Bureau. Named in Variety’s 2018 ‘Cinematographer to watch’ Shabier has been making a name for himself in the US indie scene before lending his talents to Steve McQueen’s Small Axe. In this taster clip Shabier explains how he chooses projects, success when the stakes are high and how to best work with directors. Stay tuned for the extended cut.

Julian Court and John De Borman are coming soon, as well as a longer cut of the entire Q&A so keep an eye on LinkedIn, Twitter or our Crew Facebook Group.

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