The Last Day

Michael Weibel
Dec 10, 2014 · 2 min read

There it was. The day everyone thought would come at some point. It was inevitable.
Everyone was so disappointed. How could this happen now? Why not earlier, why not later?
Our reasonable mind tells us that 90% of the startups fail. Don’t look back, move on. You learned great things, you’re a better person now.

Still you can never imagine what happens when you suddenly have nothing to do anymore. You just fixed the last bug and then you see the mail: “We need to talk”. The team gets shrinked to a fraction of its current size. You know what happens, but you don’t believe it.

It is a relief. How many times did you think about leaving the company? How many times you couldn’t stand the decisions? You were angry, yelling even.
But, how many times did you decide against it? You are in a team, the best team ever. You know each and every one so well. Why should you go?

It is sad. Leaving a team behind sucks. You all want to find a new job together, but you all know it’s not going to work out. Who hires a full team anyway?
Your team is the last one working. You need to clean up some things. Things you always wanted to do, but never could, because priorities.
Everyone starts to look for something new. Something to stand behind. Alone probably, without the good friends you’ve made in the last months or years.

It is a new future. New friends, new job, new office. You hope you made the right decision. You hope it’s going to be alright. You hope you never have to get so angry anymore. You hope you’ll have fun again.

You somehow know it will happen.

But still. What you hope the most: Not losing the friends you’ve made.

    Michael Weibel

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