Arriving Minnesota from Boston internship

Today, I arrived the Minneapolis from Boston. I studied in the University of Minnesota for two years for my master without any department before my internship in Boston.

After I arrived at the Boston and hang out with other Microsoft interns, I felt so young and energetic. I had a fruitful summer here and practiced a ton of technologies I haven’t used before. My horizon got broadened in a way that I discovered a new brand world.

Literally, the life does not need to be bored as rural or college town. The tools we learned at college never has a chance to applied and integrated into a comprehensive system with full functionality before the internship. The other school students in technology major is so easygoing and accessible.

When I came back, I felt that I am a countryside child who came to an eyeopening city for a short period of time and then enforced to come back to countryside again facing the wild with my mind flying to the infinite space of opportunity which seems like the firmament with countless shining stars.

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