This assessment is doing model, the technique i choose is the Slabs and columns and spatial loops by OMA in the Jussieu Libraries Wood Mode in1992. OMA is a great company founded in 1975 by Rem Koolhaas in Rotterdam. They have so many famous building around the world , the most important in china is CCTV headquarters, beijing. The jussieu libraries is building in1992, it is a public building and it is a univeresity library. From ideas of library to doing the model is use wood stick as Load bearing to connection each levels, and the interior of the building is a continuous descent cycle, like the‘The floors thus form a continuous circuit winding its way through the entire building’by Nai in 2003.

OMA library model in 1992
OMA library model in 1992

so back to many workI am doing the central park as my building, it is designer by Jean Nouvelin the figure1 is the frist work, i have a miss understanding of the technique, i didn’t use any slabs, i use a pillar, runs through the whole building.but i think is a good start for me, second one is doing in the school made by wood, use four Sticks though the building, and interior of building is a continous descent cycle. In the figure3, i use eight stick, and i keep adding be higher in the figure4, 5. the figure6 is my final work made by white plastic board. In the end, this techniquecan very clearly shows out the inside of the architecture and also beautiful.

figure1;wood model take by weicheng(2017)
figure2;wood model take by weicheng(2017)
figure3;wood model take by weicheng(2017)
figure4;wood model take by weicheng(2017)
figure5;wood model take by weicheng(2017)
figure6: the final work take by weicheng(2017)

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