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Those photos take in the Sydney westfield, all of those use black and white colour and taken by iphone. The strategies or techniques is ‘ A contemporary building with an expressive massing thanks to the use of shadows and light’ follow by photographer Ezra Stoller, a famous artist in the 20th century USA. He worked since 1930s to the 1980s , graduate from New York University. He focus take famous modern architecture and landmark building, he pay special attention to building’s line, color, form and texture.

Ezra stoller(1915–2004)

Most of photos take in the inside of build, and two of them take in the outside. The Sydney westfield is high level glass building, features of glass is can reflect and refract light. So glass easy to cause shadows and light, in photos have glass wall, glass window, glass fence and glass escalator. we can see the people’s reflection, lights and ceiling’s reflection and others building’s reflections in the glass wall. light’s reflection can make building have more expressive, and shadows make building look tall and serious(like photos i take about the outside). People is most important part of building, westfield is big shopping central, so people walk in or out, this is relationship between the architecture and human.

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