Galaxians. The Space Refugees.

A Genesis NFT collection on Etherium blockchain. 911 pieces in total. Community-oriented. Regular NFT airdrops to our collectors, physical art books, real bubble gum and a plenty of other stuff!

A Genesis NFT Bubble Gum Collection:

In the times of dramatic changes, refugees are becoming an inconvenient part of our reality. Being Ukrainian, I know what is and how it is to leave my hometown without any opportunity to come back. My name is Sergei Degtyayov aka Weichensteller. I was born in Ukraine, in the well-known city of Donetsk. I have been an artist working with traditional media and I am now getting involved in the growing NFT space.

Numerous spaceships from our civilization are now approaching the Solar System, your home. In several earth days our ships will reach its outskirts. As we move towards your home planet, our messages will appear more often, for we will not have to use interstellar communication devices.

Some call us the Space Refugees. This is a bitter and inconvenient truth about us. We are representatives of several civilizations that have lost their home planets due to various unfortunate circumstances. And the harsh laws of the Galactic Federation do not allow us to settle down onto one of the billions of worlds of the Milky Way, which is our mutual Home Galaxy.

Your planet, Earth, was considered uncivilized and did not fall under the jurisdiction of the GF for a long time. It could be compared to those uninhabited ocean islands of your planet.

But since humanity started to think about its impact on nature, according to the Galactic law, it is now considered to be an intelligent civilization which means we now have the right to establish first contact with you. As such, we have been thinking about which form of communication to use — as we understand, NFT seems to be a certain communication standard for humankind now.

Now here is a peculiar thing: Bubble Gum is our most precious and sacred product. Made from pure exalted star dust, being previously enriched and refined, it gives us unforgettable joy and a long lasting effect. The taste is strong AF!!! We chew it all the time. So, we are considering making first contact with humanity through it. If you try it once, you will never forget the experience. That’s for sure;)

About a Collection:

1. Star Generals are the most experienced ones — they are leaders of our crews. It is necessary to have an SG on your team as early as possible, because it will allow you to have a 4 airdrops of Hobo Crewmen

2.Refugee Squad Commanders. They are specialists, skilled in supervising the Crewmen (especially during their free time, when the entire ship crew may go on a binge). Having these guys will allow 2 Hobo Crewman to be airdropped to your wallet.

3. Hobo Crewmen. They must be supervised by senior leaders, otherwise they will break the ship’s equipment or forget the route, consuming too much of the ship’s radioactive coolant. Part of them randomly join SGs and RSCs with the airdrops; others are just different, according to their traits.


As mentioned above, we are representatives of different planets and as we have been travelling for a very long time; our ships have become melting pots for our races, and also, we have experienced some mutations… Protective radiation shield systems are old. And yeah… There are some problems, caused by radioactive coolant consumption.
Especially on Galactic New Year’s Eve :)

So, we are pretty diverse, and it’s only a question of the rarity of our various traits.

You may simply enjoy having us in your wallet, being part of our Galaxian Club and using NFTs as your Social Media avatars, or you can be brave enough to gather your Galaxian team and support Galaxian strangers! It will give you the right to have airdrops, a physical artbook with all the 911 pieces and a real bubble gum package which will be produced after the full sale of the NFT collection!
Also, NFT owners will be automatically whitelisted to all future projects and NFTs will work as tickets to exclusive art projects.


  • End of April 2022
    1st stage. Start of the project on Open Sea
    The NFTs will have a minimal price, to give collectors the opportunity to buy them, even with a small budget. Funds will be used for the further development of the project, helping the author to survive in Kiev.
  • 2nd stage
    Raising the price of the work and implementation of an NFT staking. Printing the artbooks, which will be available after the sale of the first 500 NFTs. Airdrops to our holders.
  • 3rd stage
    Airdrops, member-exclusive merch store.
    Creating tasty bubble gum for our members, which will be accessible to the NFT holders after the sale of the whole collection.

Meet the Team:

Founder and artist. The one-man band.

Come and join the community!

A Genesis custom NFT collection. 911 pieces in total. Sick works. Community-oriented. Regular NFT airdrops to our collectors, physical art books, real bubble gum and a plenty of other stuff!




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Sergei Degtyaryov

Sergei Degtyaryov

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