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The New Design

What those new to the field should know and how we as a design and tech industry can help.

I’d also venture to say: get out of your bubble of people you know and get to know people who don’t work in the industry you’re in at all. It’s one of the best things for me — to be around friends who have nothing to do with what I do. We never talk about work, because it’s not the thread we share. When we do, it’s out of pure curiosity of what the person does, because it’s different.

Smartphones in Asia

Casual observations during travels in the region

This was originally written for Weightshifting, a Tinyletter I keep, during a week whilst I was visiting

A Lack of Blue

I don’t have an account with the big blue F. It’s 2015. The social network is almost 11 years old. It’s remarkable — over a decade in existence and, mostly, still going strong.

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The Slow Movement, as applied to the web.

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A Lack of Blue

The Depths Within

On a morning bike ride, I noticed Spreckels Lake in Golden Gate Park was completely drained. It’s not a very deep lake, probably just a couple of feet, but it’s not something…


I tweeted earlier this month:

Frustrated by my limits all-round: cycling, bouldering, design/dev. Trying to break through to the other side…


There’s a saying: “Sharing is caring.” The spirit of that phrase has always meant to me that you would share something — food, a drink, a seat, advice — that would allow you to…

Mythical Beasts

We often talk about the idea of unicorn designers or developers — something I laugh at a little bit because much of our industry is comprised of people who do a lot more than…

Boy Meets Girl

A Craigslist Missed Connections Story

I wrote this originally on an old journal site, on September 14, 2005. There’s a bit of contextual talking to the audience at the time (my friends), and so that direction is towards them. The girl is now my wife and we’ve been together for almost a decade.

A Memorable Menu

Dining at Diner in Brooklyn, NY.

When Laurel and I were in Brooklyn in 2011, I wanted to eat at Diner, located in Williamsburg, in the shadow of the…

The New Design

What those new to the field should know and how we as a design and tech industry can help.