Brunei is one of the richest countries in the world


There is a country in the world, the biggest trouble is: “No trouble!” This country is — Brunei. Brunei is located in the south of the South China Sea, in Southeast Asia, their home oil reserves and production second only to Indonesia, ranking second, is one of the richest countries in the world.

Not much land area, only 40 million population, but the beautiful scenery, play things are also very much, the island control, vacation control, hotel control, outdoor control can be found in Brunei for their own travel style. Brunei people’s life is quite rich, from the birth to the soil for peace, life may encounter every major event, the government all pay for you! Let’s take a closer look at the country’s scenery.

More than 70% of the land area is the forest, the largest light blooming national forest park is Asia’s third largest forest park. Stay very luxurious but not soil “Empire Hotel”, feel the real magnificent. Pure gold to create the Jamie mosque, really even the feeling of breathing are pious. Brunei Sultan Although the land is very self-willed, live golden glittering Noului Man Palace, sports car to buy one by one, but the style close to the people in the hearts of the prestige is high.

Arrived in Brunei capital of the city of Dasibaga, Originally thought and other countries in Southeast Asia as many people lively, who knows after the city was found quiet and beautiful and everywhere is green. Brunei’s Sai Fuding Mosque is a free visit Oh, very beautiful must go and see Oh. The mosque was built in 1958, on the Brunei River, and one of the tallest buildings in the city of Dari. Ayr water village should be regarded as a Southeast Asian characteristics of the building, there are 30 tall village, very rustic atmosphere. The best way to visit the village is to take a water taxi, preferably in the afternoon or evening, not only to avoid the heat at noon, you can also enjoy the beautiful sunset in the water.

If you want to go to the beach, you can go to the edge of the capital of the town of Ma La, there is the most famous resort of Brunei. Beach white quickly, the water is relatively shallow, but one to the weekend will be particularly high. Although this life has been unable to become Brunei, but can go to Brunei tourism and feel the happiness of the local life.