The most essential of the Thai tourist island

Thailand’s tourist island

Always feel that people should travel, in the young, taking advantage of the temper of chic, have the cost of playing personality, leaving the eyes closed eyes to see the city, to escape the side of the disturbance, to find a quiet and clean place, their own Become transparent with the crystal, and then take some beautiful to cry pictures, leaving their own old age. If you travel to Thailand, where you will go to the island, whether it can bring you good memories.

A mention of the island of Thailand, presumably many people will think of Phuket, Samui these familiar islands, but those are many of the tour groups are happy to reach the place, less the most essential island atmosphere. So what are the charms islands of Thailand?

Honeymoon Island was once a private island. two years ago began to open to the outside world. During the opening, she has been strictly limited the number of people on the island, the beginning is only 60 people per day on the island, and now still only not more than 200 people landing the island. In addition to the few people, there are not into the Maldives jelly color sea water. In the sun’s exposure, different levels of blue from shallow to deep slowly spread in front of you, that feeling absolutely make you feel good. The sun on the beach quietly sun, the ear only the sea constantly rolling out the sound of white waves, white clouds in the blue sky free to walk, so quiet around in Phuket is hard to find.

Phuket can walk around a lot of places, but at least several hours of slow boat, repelled a lot of seasickness small partners. At this time, the advantages of the emperor island to light up — only 12 kilometers away from Phuket, speedboat as long as half an hour than the development of excessive islands, here is like a paradise, if you see a meter long lizard walk On the road slowly leisurely sun, do not be surprised, here is this tone. Emperor Island is more suitable for travelers who like to stay in the beach in a daze, leisurely vacation. If not bad money, you can also take the island in the island of the children of the children of Lacha live a few nights, after listening to the sea every day watching the sea, facing the sea spring, fantasy chopping horse feeding leisure life.

If you love diving, come to Sri Lanka on the right. Here the sea blue, the beach white, is a world-class diving holy land. The only more troubling is the two-hour boat journey, if the storm is catching rainy days is tough, seasickness of the small partners must be carefully chosen. Smile is more suitable for energetic, the pursuit of beauty at the same time not picky accommodation travelers.

Looking for a place where the heart is quiet and clean. the island of Thailand is very suitable for you.

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