Travel to the most beautiful islands of the Philippines

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As I wish when the car out of the downtown, gradually close to the embrace of the mountains. Surrounded by green trees, although into the late autumn but the green is still pleasing to the eye, fresh and pleasant air. The mountains will be behind the impetuous isolation, the peace and peace together, as I will worry about the life of abandonment, the release of all the joy, a long absence of easy to spontaneously. We eat a place is a Ling water built farmhouse style full of rice, we sit around the table quietly enjoy the unique flavor of the farm food, enjoy the idyllic and wonderful feeling. Let us enjoy the trip to the Philippines.

Travelling to the Philippines, the most memorable but is the island of Bohol, Bohol is the island of many islands in the tourism resources of one of the more islands, basically go to the Philippine island tourism often go, it can be said to be going to the island, And I went to the Philippines to travel because it is a cheap ticket, opened a walk away on the trip, this is the most important part of tourism, starting. The most surprising thing on the island of Bohol is the Chocolate Hill, which is located near the Carmen in the middle of the island of Bohol and is an iconic natural wonders of the island. The reason is called Chocolate Hill, because when the drought, where the hills will become brown, so far looks like chocolate in general, very wonderful.

Go to the island of Bohol, in addition to watching the film “Harry Potter” in the protagonist riding a broom over the top of the viewfinder, many people will go to the place, but go there to go, but also depends on time, not always see To that, that is the virgin island. The virgin island is a no one island, but it is indeed a beautiful island, where the clear water through the bottom, the color level, as fairy tale, but here when the high tide, have the opportunity to visit the island, because the shore of the water too Shallow, the ship boss to ride the high tide, from the sea to find a natural waterway entrance, can be from a wide enough water depth of the white sand to open the waterway to the island, so not everyone has luck to the island , Depending on the size of the vessel and the tide.

Unfortunately, did not see sunset here I heard that the sunset here is the most beautiful in the Philippines, but unfortunately did not see, but here the beach and the island scenery has let us be satisfied, the next time to wait until the sunset, To enjoy the pleasure of the Philippines holiday.