You will fall in love with Myanmar


Myanmar is the world famous “Thousand Buddha Kingdom”, the history of Buddhism into Myanmar has been 2500 years, more than 80% of the people believe in Buddhism, Myanmar men in a certain stage of life must be cut for the monks. Buddhism, such a deep country of nature preserved many ancient Buddhist architectures, located in the middle of the south bank of the Irrawaddy River Bagan, the best places to visit religious architecture in Myanmar.

Came to Bagan, you can first find a commanding point, because the eyes look far, to the east coast of the Irrawaddy River on the plains scattered countless pagoda panoramic view. From the beginning of the park in the 11th century, Bagan has built more than ten thousand pagodas, so Bagan is also known as the “city of Vantaa.” A stupa stands in the hills and valleys of the valley, and some white and elegant, and some dark red introverted, and some glittering, common in the wilderness after years of vicissitudes, insisted that the faith of the lonely.

You can also take the locals driving the carriage, shuttle in a variety of floating between the Buddha, capture every unique charm of the pagoda. Do not rush to leave Bagan on that day, because the sunrise is one of the most beautiful moments of Pogan stupa. Wait in the “sunrise tower”, watching the sky from gray blue gradually turned into purple, looking at the first ray of light in the morning rise in the pagoda of the tip, the world is slowly and brightly lit up, The whole world was filled with fresh and angry, this situation this scene, the depths of the shock is difficult to describe.

Go to the ancient city of Amara Bula, you can see in the East Taman Lake across a lake in the “black bridge”, which is the world’s longest teak bridge, piers, bridges, bridges are precious Teak construction, and up to 1200 meters. Walking on the ebony bridge, looking at the foot of the bridge wood, lake, and the distant dead trees and boats, seems to be in a “ancient vine old faint Buddha” landscape painting mood, quiet Zhiyuan. Because the ancient and beautiful Wu Benqiao, the local people also call it love of bridge, the legendary people who walk together will never be separated. Whether there is an urge to travel to Myanmar.

A Myanmar Travel Tips:Came to Myanmar must not miss all kinds of handicrafts: lacquerware, wood carvings, jewels, as well as the famous monks of the universal use of the umbrella, shape-specific Myanmar harp, and exquisite grass fabric, etc. Many tourists love the specialty. With the South Asia region generally into the cool and drier season, the Myanmar region clean and fresh air, with a blue sky and the ancient building, it is a good place for photography.

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