How Stable Coins Can Earn You Passive Income

Heard about the insane 20% interest rates some of us are earning on DeFi platforms such as Compound? Got FOMO and want to get in but overwhelmed with all the technical jargon? Well, my friend, you have come to the right place. I am going to outline in layman’s terms exactly step by step what you need to do to get started earning interest.

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The article will be broken into 4 sections

  1. DeFi and Stable Coins Definitions
  2. How to Obtain Stable Coins
  3. The Step by Step Process
  4. Risks

1. DeFi and Stable Coin Definitions

Firstly there are 2 concepts you need to understand to start of…

How do you make money as a DApp builder?

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You have a great idea for an app and are trying to figure out what the monetisation model is going to look like? What do you do?

Well the traditional ways you would monetise your app would fall into one or more of these 8 categories:


By displaying third party ads.


Promoting others products and earn a commission.


Collect and sell users data from within the platform


Taking a fee from users transactions.


The basic functionality is free but users who want advanced features have to pay for those. …

How does DeFi compare to traditional Banking?

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DeFi platforms are quickly becoming one of the most used Dapps in the blockchain ecosystem. The more people discover alternative investment strategies the more popular the DeFi movement will become. The potential for decentralised finance to compete against traditional banks is immense. There are many services that can be disrupted. Hopefully In the future you won’t need a bank to act as the intermediary for all your investment needs. Alternatives are coming, especially for the unbanked.

Facebook and Libra will be facing an uphill battle with regulators as it aims to create its own cryptocurrency to be used within a closed network with other large corporations as participants. I have no personal view that they should fail, in fact the creation of Libra legitimises the DeFi concept as a viable alternative to traditional banking. The biggest organisations in the world are now starting to realise the importance that Cryptocurrency and DeFi will play in the world. …


Wei Ly

Exploring Use Cases for the mass adoption of Blockchain technology. Co Founder of Whalefolio.com

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