Two scoops of vanilla

Donald Trump invited James Comey to dine at the White House, and video taped it. Here’s what I imagine is captured on that tape.

ACT II. President’s dining room, January 2017. 8:13pm, after the main course has been completed.

The chocolate cake comes out. Vanilla ice cream: two scoops for Donald, only one for James.

President Trump’s double dip

The cake is tremendous, isn’t it, Jim? The Obamas served berries, awful, rotten berries. I’ve installed my own Trump catering company here. Ivanka picked the chef herself. Make the White House great again! I call it ‘Mar A Largo North’.”

“Look Jimmy, I gotta know which team you play for. You saw what happened to your boss, Silly Sally. Doesn’t have to be you too.”

Trump & Comey, in happier times

“Come on, Jimmy. Let’s do this. Will you pledge your loyalty to the Donald?”

“I pledge you honesty, Mr. President,” Comey replies.

“Honest loyalty?” says Trump while eating the last bite of cake with his jewel-encrusted fork.

A Trump utensil for self-serving

“You will have that,” Comey mumbles. Leaves the table, dessert untouched.