There is alot of fear and uncertainy in a crisis like COVID-19, where people feel powerless in the face of too much information, and it seems like only scientists and government have the power to set things right.

That is not true.

An epidemic is everybody’s business, and anybody can help stop the spread of the disease, no matter the age or occupation.

Fight it by learning about it from reputable health websites, and teaching about it, so everyone can take the right precautions.

Knowledge is power against fear.

Comicsforgood is launching a Kids Draw COVID19 Facts Challenge, to show…

Masking up has been a very divisive topic these days.

Healthy people feel the need to wear masks, because it makes them feel safe in public areas. Due to the potentially asymptomatic nature of the disease, if there were enough masks for everyone, this will be a good strategy to quickly stem the spread.

However, due to mask #shortages around the world, most of us have to make difficult decisions on when and whether to wear masks or not.

With this comic, I hope to show why sick people should be given priority for masks, if we were to help…

Everyone is buying hand sanitiser these days, but most people aren’t using them correctly, and are not aware of some of its dangers.

With this comic, I hope more people will know what to watch out for when using hand sanitiser, so they can effectively keep themselves safe from coronaviruses!

This is the second of a series on the importance of personal hygiene in combating the COVID-19 — done in partnership with Temasek.

Which do you think can keep you safe from #coronavirus infections like the #covid19, masks or hand washing?

After much research, I realise that both measures should be used together, but regular hand washing is a much more crucial and effective method to prevent infections if you are a healthy person.

However, most people don’t wash their hands properly.

With this comic, I hope it will be easier to explain to kids the three big areas that you should watch out for when you wash your hands!

The handwashing steps are taken from WHO guidelines here:

This is the…

Did a short infocomic on how to keep yourself safe from coronaviruses.

Besides the novel coronavirus, MERS, SARS, and some strains of the common cold, seasonal flu also belong to the family of Coronaviruses.

These same methods can be used to prevent similar contagious respiratory diseases. I’ve cited my references for the information in the last page of the comic, and provided links at the end of the article.

*note: I have updated the page that said “Viruses can last for 24 hours on objects, and the only effective way to get rid of them is to wash them off…

Here’s a list of my top three takeaways from each talk, some personal thoughts, and the sketchnotes I made during the conference.

Thanks to the anonymous person who requested the organisers to turn on more lights in the audience area so I could see enough to sketch these!

Katja Forbes, Managing Director of designit

Talk 1: Katja Forbes on Being Human in the Age of A.I.

  1. Most of the so-called “A.I.” in the market is machine learning, or narrow A.I. that is only competent at one task, so its going to be awhile before machines are our new overlords.
  2. That said, the time to make sure…

Here’s the collection of sketchnotes I took throughout #mtpcon 2019:

John Maeda on the Future of Design Leadership

There are over 2 million Starhub mobile users in Singapore, yet the My Starhub app has only been downloaded 11 thousand times.

That’s about 0.5% of it users — so how can we get the other 99.5% of them onboard?

I set out to investigate this with two other UX designers, Deniese and Gary, in a 10 day project.

That’s the question that interested me when I started on a 2 week project to study and review its user experience with two friends, Derrick and Shuk.

While I am not a huge travel fan, I know many of my friends use TripAdvisor as part of their research while travelling, and would like to understand its appeal.

Research Process

First, we defined which part of TripAdvisor we wanted to study, and decided to focus on its restaurants section. We believe that most of our findings will be relevant to the other sections as well.

Then, we defined our target audience — the…

Weiman Kow

Storyteller interested in Tech that enables social & healthcare changes. Also a geek who dreams of building her own robot, & a bibliophile secretly into comics

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