Sketchnotes of Mind the Product Conference 2019

Weiman Kow

Here’s the collection of sketchnotes I took throughout #mtpcon 2019:

John Maeda on the Future of Design Leadership
Amanda Richardson, on Crazy CEOS
Sherif Mansour, on Misconceptions
Prakriti Parijat, on The Power of Research when applied Thoughtfully
Ken Chin, on Attitudes in the East v.s. West
Panel discussion with Colin Pal, Kaia Lai, Renanto Silva, Priyankka Mani, Silvia Thom, and Francois Le Nguyen
Bernise Ang on Designing for Social Good with Participatory Design
Jen Dante on The Promiscuous PM
Jeff Gothelf on Lean, Agile, Design Thinking — Principles over Process
Weiman Kow

Written by

Storyteller interested in Tech that enables social & healthcare changes. Also a geek who dreams of building her own robot, & a bibliophile secretly into comics

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