Are you designing your product for when your audience isn’t using it?

Last weekend, I was lucky enough to experience the Our Happy Life exhibit at the Canadian Centre for Architecture, which explores the way affect and emotion are quantified and used as a basis on which our built environments are designed. The exhibit juxtaposes dystopian descriptions of ultimately sterile or jarring spaces designed with “comfort” in mind against a backdrop of shag carpeting and pastel surfaces usually intended to inspire placidity. Ultimately, one leaves feeling dysphoric and pit against their personal environment, distrustful of its architects.

Accidentally, the intent and effect of Our Happy Life transpose perfectly into deconstructions of how…

For bootcamp grads and designers who love details.

Tony Robbins, motivational speaker, live before a crowd.
Tony Robbins, motivational speaker, live before a crowd.

Like many of you, I started my design career at General Assembly; my course began just about four years ago, and I can only rave about the full toolkit they’ve given me. However, in reviewing my own early case studies and those of some of my peers, I’ve noticed an interesting pattern: they encourage including as much material as possible, fully describing every methodology and tool you use, and framing all your work using the same process. …

The design behind the world’s most calming social media site.

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On December 17, 2018 (also International Day To End Violence Against Sex Workers ), Tumblr announced a blanket ban on adult content on its platform, slated to be enforced by a clumsy algorithm that targets “female presenting nipples”. This mandate signaled the death knell for the platform, once championed as a safe space for sex workers and those whose bodies face cultural assault, whose user base dropped by 30% in the weeks following. …

Matt Weinberg

Product Design @ Understood, Founding Contributor @ UX House

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