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Hundreds of clinics have popped up across the U.S., promising miracle cures without scientific backing

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Doris Tyler, a retired elementary school music teacher, had to drop out of her church choir two years ago when she lost her vision. Since she could no longer see the music, she would need to memorize up to eight hymns a week to participate, and at 78, she just doesn’t have that kind of memory anymore, she says.

“The two hardest things are waking up in the morning, opening my eyes and only seeing darkness and knowing that it will be that way until I close them at night,” she says, sobbing. “The other thing is: I can’t see…

Since he was a child, James Peyer has been obsessed with stopping aging. Now he has a fund — and a plan.

Research on aging treatments keeps turning up profound variations in how male and female subjects respond.

A new study helps the case for a supplement known as NR, but it’s not yet a slam dunk.

Stem cells are overhyped as a cure for everything. But they‘re finally showing promise in making elderly people stronger.

These people are all researching ways to halt or reverse aging. So what are they doing to help themselves live longer?

Illustration by Victor Kerlow

W e all know what we should do to live long, healthy lives — exercise regularly, sleep well, avoid overindulgences — but aren’t there any magic pills or supplements that improve your chances even further? For some insight, I asked a number of scientists who are deep in anti-aging research what they take.

There’s no consensus. Some use the products of their research, popping pills or getting scans that they’ve started companies to develop. Others say we don’t know enough yet to risk swallowing something that might also cause harm. Someday, they all hope, science will help them and everyone…

Karen Weintraub

Health/Science journalist passionate about human health, cool research and great storytelling.

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