Things loneliness has taught me

  1. Don’t cross my fingers
  2. Don’t waste coins in fountains
  3. Some things are too big for me
  4. Maybe I was wrong
  5. Some bridges are more prone to arson
  6. Once in a great while I am whole
  7. There’s poetry in the emptiness
  8. There is a well inside of me
  9. Everything is a waste of time
  10. Tomorrow is forever
  11. The tides will take me
  12. Most of life is a secret
  13. People can’t fill me up
  14. Everything sours
  15. Magic is a survival mechanism
  16. Chaos is permanent
  17. The outside is more interesting
  18. My body will revolt
  19. I can’t think myself better
  20. I lie to myself
  21. Life is unsatisfying
  22. Years melt like candles
  23. Pain can be useful
  24. I just have to get through the day
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