The 3 Tenets of Capitalism
Tyler Hogge

Another Capitalist doing mental gymnastics to allow the top percentage to horde and steal all the wealth. 1st lets start with “Capitalism creates markets” markets have been around for centuries Feudalism and slavery also had markets, needless to say markets will be around long after capitalism is gone. 2nd “Capitalism creates inequality” we know that capitalism creates inequality and has for centuries, if you read literature from the 1700 and on you will notice that while the Children were hung for stealing food the rich were having tea parties (Charles Dickson). The only time in the history of Capitalism were all boats raised equally was after WWII, that was because everything was destroyed and they needed to rebuild creating growth also FDR taxed the income of anything above $250,000.00 a year (in today’s money) at 98%.

Now for every Walmart worker that is out there and remember Walmart is the second employer (after the US army) that isn’t paid a livable wage ($23 an hour with benefits) You and I have to fill that wage gap with Medicaid, Food Stamps and other social services. And saying that people have a choice in their jobs is a lie after the recession millions of high paying jobs were replaced with low pay no benefit, part time contingency jobs.

These ideas that Capitalism is the best system and that it is only a few bad apples, need to stop being childern stomping their feet and need to open their eyes. 50% of America is at or below poverty. We have Human Beings starving in our streets and as a society we should be disgusted and immediately fix the system but instead we have these stupid arguments about TVs and cellphones. Lets finish the saying “a few bad apples spoils the barrel” and boy the barrel is spoiled.

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