Hi Friends,

Ever felt like you are in a rut like you don’t really feel excited about anything as much as before? ( and by before most people think back to their teens, yeah! 🤔) And why our teen? What happened then that we can’t experience right now? It is something very simple, and yet very complex we don’t even think many times: MENTAL FREEDOM

Freedom to be silly, to choose hobbies without a career goal or a purpose, to do things just to try, we were free from prejudices and fears, and a lot of junk we get along the way. In psychology, they call that self-complexity. When people do not only identify with one role in their lives but with many. So if you lose one, say you lose your job, you may still feel happy that you are a painter or a guitarist, or that you love playing golf! There are many sides a person can have but many decide to go only for one and adapt all the aspects of their lives to that single image.

Creativity✨ is developed, is not a birthright
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But with creativity, comes two feelings that most people will have to learn to be comfortable with:

  • Shame: As Brené Brown explains, the minute you open yourself to the process of changing and allocating space to creativity in your life, you will feel shame. Yes, I know this sounds crazy, but I have felt and I feel this every-single-day. Shame because you create art that may not be bought by someone. Shame for calling myself an artist, and not being able to stop painting even when this does not make me any wealthier. Shame when writing about a topic, and feeling that I may not be as expert as my standard of perfection would feel comfortable with. This topic, for those of us that are putting themselves out there, is not a friend, but a very old and annoying companion in our lives.
  • Discomfort: I have avoided discomfort all my life. I was always artistic, always felt attracted to design and writing, photography but when I was 18 I thought: ”ufff……this seems like a hard thing to live from”. My family agreed and then I applied to ‘secure’ university programs. I ended up studying English linguistics -yeah, I know….what is secure about that?-because you can at least be a teacher or translator with that. Well, one thing I definitely learned is that there is nothing secure.You can plan out all your life and it may pay off and you may end up in your dream job, only to realize that it is not for you. This has happened to me. I love to teach, but not to secondary school, it really wasn’t for me and I have done translations but it would not be my favorite activity in the world. So when you change and do something else is very daunting but very fulfilling at the same time. And that is what I mean for discomfort because any change that we make in our choice of friends, activities, hobbies or learning is going to produce a certain amount of discomfort, at least at the beginning but only with discomfort one can grow.

Only with a certain amount of discomfort one can grow.
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So once you know this, here are the things that you can do this weekend to feel super creative:

how to be more creative


Try a new activity or hobby, visit a new area, be a tourist in your own city or show the city to somebody else. The thing here is to do things for the sake of it, for fun and without any agenda as too much planning spoils the fun.


You can be minimalistic at home and get rid of anything that does not brings you ‘sparkle’ like Marie Kondo says or you can also try to be minimalistic in your mind. Maybe we don’t need to do certain things that day and we can only go to have a walk on the beach or go to a gig last minute, just forgetting in those hours about the rest of the junk in our life (studies, work, chores….). This is helpful as it will help you to stay in the moment, enjoy and connect with everything more.


Pick a new book, even not your style of book and give it a try. Listen to your friends, TED TALKS (they are great for inspiration I must say!)


This one is hard sometimes as we all have our ideas about things but sometimes is a good practice to take a step back and consider a different position than the one you would usually have. It gives you perspective and also compassion when you encounter people that think or live differently than us. In the process, you may learn a couple of things about yourself!


These are three versions of the same thing really. In the past I only sketched and I love it. I even go with a group of people that do this together on the weekends. But journaling has really made a difference to me in realizing the stuff that is going on and on in repeat for most of my day. That is how I realized that I really have a problem with discomfort, shame, and taking risks in general. I also realized that I am probably the worst boss someone can have because nothing is ever good enough and done to perfection.And this takes me to the next point.


Yes, friends, I am a recovering perfectionist. Years ago I wouldn’t even try things because I ‘knew’ it was not going to be done perfectly so I never tried. For anything else, you can imagine everything I would do, would have to be done to the idea of perfect I had.

I learned that you have to get things done, and most of the times it goes pretty well, and it it doesn’t well, you can deal with that later. At least you tried!

These days I really don’t care.

My new creativity motto is: Embrace the suck🤘


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