Now, Here is a Story All about How…

If you just hummed the Fresh Prince of Belair theme song, then you are my people.

This is a much better story though. A story about how my life did get flipped and turned upside down, by cancer, by birth defects and by emotional trauma and turmoil.

But it’s more than that. This is a story about how, yes, all of that came into our lives, but also how we turned the tide. How God drew us in to a deeper belief system that we can heal simply through prayer and plants. Through setting our minds right and changing our current belief system.

I suppose in a story this complex and beautiful, you will need a backstory.

In 2009, our son Zion had a little mole on his neck, likely it had been there for quite sometime. At his 8 year old check up the doctor remarked that it look ok, but keep an eye on it, particularly when he started puberty as those things can become sinister.

That was the last time I gave that mole a thought, until the following summer. In June Zion started complaining that it bothered him when he wore his seat belt. Assuming the ‘bothering’ was nothing more than him being all Apserger-y I blew it off.

I mean, E V E R Y T H I N G bothered that child, so I certainly wasn’t about to sound the alarms because a silly seat belt was the object du jour to be annoying.

Reluctantly in August of 2010 I had the mole removed because it kept pestering and so did he.

Can I just tell you the shock and horror I felt when I received a call 4 days later from the dermatologist’s office informing me that my son had malignant melanoma. Talk about worst fears coming true.

***Side note*** This had actually been a huge fear of mine, me or one of the children getting some heinous disease. As Job said, “lo the very thing I feared has come upon me”. Trust me, the last thing you want to admit is you likely brought this disease on your child from your fearing it. But I had to get real honest with myself if I wanted to change beliefs and habits.

We had all the standard appointments, follow ups and specialists to run through. On one such appointment with one such specialist, we asked the question~ “What about nutrition?” I mean, they had told us he needed a chemo called interferon and the next year would be utter hell. (Doctor’s words)

What about nutrition? Surely this thing isn’t bigger than the natural medicines God created and most assuredly it isn’t bigger than the God who gave us medicines millenia ago.

Nutrition… “fruits and veggies can’t hurt!” Was his 12+ years worth of college wisdom he threw at us.

It was at that moment I knew much of what these doctors said to us from then on was absolute bullshit.

Within a 48 hour period I had googled my heart out finding articles like “curing off melanoma with food”, and “this essential oil has been shown to shrink tumors.”

Could this be true? I mean, I don’t have the alphabet after my name and the doctor did look at me in a “ahh, sweet thing” sort of way. Was I naive to think that I could heal my son with plants?

Yes I would be completely naive if I hadn’t just prayer a desperation prayer of “God show me what to do to heal my son.”

Maybe you don’t believe in God the way I do. Perhaps speaking to Him in a demanding way, an expecting way seems rude. And yet, this is the cry of a mother’s heart, God heal my son! Scripture says we can go before the throne of grace with confidence, so why wouldn’t I? Why would I trust in a doctor who put zero confidence in the plants our God gave us in the first place.

Oh but fear… Fear is such a liar, my friend.

I was afraid to speak up on what in my heart, deep down in there, I so believed. Even now as I type this out, I wonder how many will read this and think “oh here she goes again, saying that plants heal and cure cancer.”

So it is with confidence, 9 years later of a child being cancer free that I boldly make that statement. Because it is the God’s honest truth.

This will no doubt be a series I share, so for now, allow me to bullet for you the process.

1. We radically altered his diet. No sugar, no processed anything. We started juicing as much as we could, as much as he would drink. We bought Essentia water and had him drink it daily. We tried to create an alkaline environment for his body, verses an acidic environment.

2. We removed toxins from our home. This was actually 2 years after he was diagnosed. I wish I could say it was sooner, but I didn’t know what I didn’t know. I grew up hearing “everything causes cancer’. So if everything caused cancer, what’s the use in even trying. I still didn’t think my Tide or Downey had any more or less adverse affects on his body. Wasn’t just breathing the air just as bad? I told you I was ignorant.

3. We started utilizing essential oils regularly. At first I had no idea what or why I ought to use these. Or how for that matter. I was given a book akin to a medical textbook and started reading. I would use a few here and there, but still was totally ignorant on how to use these tools. I read my book over and over and the nagging thought, ‘could this even be true?” Because after all, if it weren’t true why weren’t the ‘professionals’ telling us to use these? Why wasn’t this common knowledge.

Oh and then you have the haters of all things natural. It’s snake oils. It’s crap. It doesn’t work. So then why try right? After all, this was my son’s life we were talking about.

But you know what the kicker for me was, God made it all, and I believe He means for us to have an abundant life, a life full of wealth of all kinds, including a healthy thriving child.

I read it in the bible actually, I didn’t just make it up.

Not to mention, the doctors had given us a diagnosis for our other then, 3 children. They were now 50% more likely to have a disease like this than his father or I were.

So we are now not only trying to heal Zion, we were also looking to create an environment that my other children would thrive in and not have to deal with this disease, or any other.

4. We released trauma and trapped emotions. This came about 5 years after the diagnosis and quite by accident. I was dealing with some trauma in my own life and realized I should probably help my children, particularly the one who had the cancer release any negative emotions. That in itself wasn’t a huge epiphany, because of course everyone who has gone through what we all had has some trauma. The epiphany was that negative emotions can make us sick. Negative emotions can cause cancer. I was a horrible mom in the early years. I yelled… a lot.

I freaked out… a lot.

My son took the brunt of my own emotional frustrations and it manifested in ta dah! cancer.

The beautiful this is when I helped him heal emotional, we saw a pretty eye opening thing happen in his body.

You see, I was a hairdresser for 100 years, and I know hair. I have seen people go prematurely grey from trauma. It’s a real thing. I saw my own son have a big grey strip in his hair after the cancer and one of his eyebrows was partially grey.

After we released the trauma, it reverted back.

There are about 5 grey hairs where there were countless before.

My tendency when something like that happens is to call every person on the phone and be like, “bitch you see this?? Now what do you think of my voodoo holistic healing??”

But I did not.

Because that’s rude and so not classy.

Emotional healing was the last piece to our healing puzzle. It was a big piece.

I was healed physically after emotional healing.

My husband was healed physically and mentally.

My son was healed in all ways.

The doctors say this type of cancer would be back, 12 months-18 months tops. They said he would be back often for biopsies and by the time he was 18 he would look like swiss cheese.

Well doctors, with all due respect, none of that happened. He is now 18 and he has had 1 biopsy, which I might add was a stupid choice on the part of the doctor. Zion does not look like swiss cheese, far from it. He is grown man, health, vibrant and completely healed.

Join me for the next few posts in the retelling of this story for our family. The story where our increase in health started. It began as a fight for our son’s life, it continued to touch each member of the family and radically alter each one of our lives for the extreme better.

The Ones Healed



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