Undertale: an awe-inspiring game

Undertale, from amazing music to a heart warming gameplay, this game captures the hearts of people of all age groups around the world. The creator, Toby Fox, intended on giving the player a choice in this fourth wall inducing game. The player is to choose what actions they take, what friends they make, or even escape back home.

Years ago, humans and monsters were at war, but the humans were too strong and sealed the monsters underground with a magical spell. A while after, a rumor was spread about a mountain that could potentially make people disappear… one child in particular, the FIRST fallen human, was named Chara. Many players believe that this is short for “character” but nobody has confirmed it, not even the author! So, hearing these rumors, Chara got curious and decided to explore the mountain, but ends up ‘disappearing’ falling into a crater in the earth. They fall onto a bed of yellow flowers, greeted by a fluffy goat looking monster named Asriel Dreemurr. Toriel, Asriel’s mother, welcomes Chara into their home in the ruins with open arms. Asgore, king of the underground and father of Asriel, enjoys having this rare occasion of a human in their presence. Chara and Asriel want to make something special for their father, Asgore. They look for a recipe to make a butterscotch pie for him, and they find a torn up human recipe involving including cups of butter. But they mistake cups of butter for “butter cups” an extremely poisonous flower. They make the pie and their father becomes really sick, but he is okay. Chara also ingests a flower and becomes sick, but it slowly gets worse. As Chara starts to die slowly, they request to see the yellow flowers at the surface. Chara dies, Asriel absorbs their soul and takes the body to the surface. Unfortunately, the humans are afraid and badly injure Asriel thinking that he killed Chara. Asriel goes back to the underground and passes away shortly after return. The Dreemurrs have now lost two children in one night, and the kingdom falls into despair. Asgore declares war on humanity saying that every human that falls down shall be killed, while Toriel leaves him because of how much she despises that idea. Now the really story begins… With you, the next fallen human!


Now I emailed Toby Fox and asked him a couple questions, but the only thing he has said was, “i pretty much never discuss my intent”. He is very busy, but I got this from him. This game is shrouded in mystery, yet it has a five star rating on Steam, and for only ten dollars, its no mystery on how it has been sold to millions upon millions of customers. Every character you run into has a unique story, even the random encounters with monsters in battle. There is not a single point in this game where you do not feel welcome by a character, depending on if you do pacifist or genocide.

While you and a couple other characters know about your ability to save, load, and reset, the rest of the characters don’t, and the interesting thing is, one individual in particular also has these abilities at a certain point. So this makes the player wonder… who really is the one in control?