Know how cosmetic surgeries can make you look youthful

Cosmetic surgeries are one of the latest procedures used to treat various kinds of skin related problems and diseases. These are mainly used in hospitals and skin clinics to treat scars, reconstruction and alteration of human body. The term plastic surgery is derived from a Greek word called plastike means ‘the art of modeling’ of malleable flesh. Cosmetic surgery might seem relatively newer concept but it was introduced thousands of years ago. Edwin Smith Papyrus, the transcription of an ancient Egyptian medical text first mention about repair of a broken nose, dated to the old kingdom 3000to2500 BC. Then later in 800 BC these techniques were carried out in India by Sushruta and Charak which eventually got famous in Asian countries and other parts of the world also including Europe and Britain. In the due course Britishers travelled India to gain insight on Indian Rhinoplasties performed using native methods which were also translated in the form of a book in 1794. Since then, plastic surgeries were performed using different techniques and equipment and are bifurcated under different categories like-

· Aesthetic surgery- includes facial and body aesthetic surgery like eyelid surgery.

· Burn Surgery- includes acute and healed burn surgeries.

· Craniofacial surgery- involves surgeries of congenital anomalies of craniofacial skeleton and soft tissues and, fractures and secondary surgeries.

· Hand surgery- involves correction and reconstruction of acute injuries and chronic diseases of the hand and wrist, congenital malformations of the upper extremities, and peripheral nerve problems (such as brachial plexus injuries or carpal tunnel syndrome).

· Microsurgery- involves reconstruction of missing tissues which is done by transferring tissue and blood vessels to the damaged part. This procedure is generally used for hand and neck reconstruction, hand surgery/replantation, and brachial plexus surgery.

· Paediatric Plastic Surgery- this involves reconstruction of many birth defects and is practiced by paediatric plastic surgeons and include craniofacial anomalies, cleft lip and palate and congenital hand deformities.

· Oculoplasty- this branch deals in reconstruction and correction of eyelids, orbits and related structures.

Besides skin severe medical conditions, cosmetic surgery is also used to improve one’s appearance like reconstruction of nose, treating wrinkles, puffiness and other problems related to face and body. These treatments make one look younger and come with an array of benefits including-

Increased self confidence- a person’s physical appearance and self-confidence are interrelated and improved looks result in better self-esteem, greater willingness to try new things and elevated performance in personal and professional life. Many cosmetic surgeons in NewPort, Orange County, California specialize in all the surgeries and have clients from all across the globe.

Physical health- some cosmetic procedures contribute in improving physical health and looks like rhinoplasty that deals in reshaping of any body part like nose or enlarged breasts resulting in better looks and relief form discomfort.

Mental health- some people get social anxieties and inferiority complex because of their appearance. Surgeries can help them have better looks eventually resulting in improved mental wellbeing.

Better opportunities, weight reduction with liposuction and other procedures are a few more benefits associated with cosmetic surgeries.