No Clothes? The Emperor Doesn’t Even Have A Horse!

Jared Kushner — Innovation Czar

“President Donald Trump is set to announce a new White House office run by his son-in-law that will seek to overhaul government functions using ideas from the business sector.”

Today’s announcement from the White House has to stand as the most monumentally stupid and crazy statement ever made by any Presidential administration in the entire span of American history. Now that’s a pretty bold statement to make but I have been looking for some way to figure out how Trump and his gang would react to the defeat of Replace-Repeal and here it is.

Now I thought that Kushner had already been appointed by Trump to ‘broker’ a Mid-East peace. At least this is what Trump told the London Times in an interview the Sunday before his inauguration, and the night before his big deal he allegedly told son-in-law that if he couldn’t ‘produce’ a Mid-East peace, that ‘nobody can.’

And what were Kushner’s creds that would make Trump believe that this kid could step into the most difficult diplomatic issue of the last twenty years and come out with a win? Well, to begin with, Kushner’s an Orthodox Jew, which gives him all kinds of insights and experience in dealing with Israel and the Palestinian Authority, oh yea, it really does. Then there’s the foundation headed by Kushner’s father, which gave Rabbi Zalmen Melamed’s crazy, West Bank Yeshiva a pot of dough to help this bunch promote the idea that Israeli soldiers should refuse to obey orders to evacuate West Bank settlements — yea, Kushner’s going to make it big time in promoting Mid East peace.

In between trips to Jerusalem, however, it turns out that Kushner is now going to be running something called the White House Office on Innovation, which will use leading-edge business models to make government run, as Trump would say, ‘ahead of schedule’ and ‘under budget.’ The office will be nimble, quick, and as opposed to the Bannon idea of ‘deconstructing’ government what we will see here is an ‘incubator of sleek transformation.’

And what exactly are the creds that son-in-law Kushner will bring to this gig? Exactly one: the fact that he can see The Boss any time that he wants. Beyond that, his resume doesn’t actually list any relevant experience at all. But you don’t need any experience to work in the Trump White House because this Administration seems to seriously believe that in order to ‘drain the swamp’ you have to stay as far away from relevant experience as you can.

I’ll tell you what Kushner’s office is going to do. Jared’s going to sit there maybe for an hour every day, or probably every other day, and from time to time some guy will wander in with the latest plan to privatize this or that government function and oh, by the way, the new company will be owned by some offshore outfit registered in Seychelles whose partners will probably include someone whose last name begins with a ‘t’ and ends with a ‘p.’

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