She’s Ba-ack. Gee, What A Surprise.

So I open my email yesterday and what pops up but an email from my dear friend Hillary, announcing the start of what she calls an organization that will “advance the progressive vision” that she represented in the 2016 election. And of course the email then went on to list five new groups that her organization, Onward Together, is supporting, even though one of the groups says they haven’t received a dime from her so far. And then I was asked to send her a few bucks, which I did. Because even though I really wish that she and her husband would just shut up and go away, like don Corleone says, you always want to keep your enemies closer than your friends.

Incidentally, if Hillary thinks that the warmed-over, slightly left-of-center bromides that she peddled during the campaign mark her as some kind of progressive, then someone like Robert La Follette must be rolling in his grave. After all, La Follette ran his 1924 Presidential campaign by challenging the power of the big banks; Hillary took time off from her campaign to pick up quarter-million dollar payments for giving speeches to the people who run those banks. What the hell, a girl has to earn a living, right?

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, the White House in exile, a.k.a. the Center for American Progress (CAP) is holding its annual ‘ideas’ conference this week and it just so happens that keynote speeches are going to be delivered by Elizabeth Warren and Cory Booker, who aren’t exactly uninterested in the 2020 Presidential race. So why does Hillary pick the same week to unveil her plan to get the Progressive movement back on track? Why not?

Back in February, I started receiving robocalls from Barack, asking me to donate to his new organization, something called Organizing for Action, which was going to mount grass-roots campaigns in various states to defend the ACA. This bunch refers to themselves as “a movement of millions of Americans, coming together to fight for real, lasting change.”

So here we are again, back in 2008. We’ve got Hillary pushing ahead with her ideas about change, we have Barack pushing ahead with his. Now maybe he isn’t thinking about running again, but don’t tell me she hasn’t started her 2020 campaign.

Want to really understand what’s going on? Take a look at this really superb post by Travis Lantz, who really seems to have figured the whole thing out. He makes the point that one of the keys to Trump’s 2016 victory was the fact that he just worked harder, much harder than Hillary — appeared at more rallies, gave more interviews, even spent more time with the ‘failed’ media and the ‘hated’ press. Some of the pictures that Travis dug up which show public events of the Hillary campaign are mind-boggling in how dismally pathetic they were.

And you know what? He’s at it again. Trump already has an election committee, he’s holding those big rallies here and there. So we are now in a four-year election cycle and the only announced candidate out on the stump happens to be the President of the United States.

No wonder Hillary is starting up again; no wonder she’s using the same colors for her new logo that she used on the few yard signs that her campaign distributed in the last weeks of the campaign. And no wonder that the Donald might win again.