Sooner Or Later The Resistance Will Figure Out Trump

But they haven’t figured him out yet. And neither has the ‘mainstream’ media which packages all the stories which #resisttrump uses to figure out what to do next. Want an example? Take the latest Trump ‘analysis’ in the New York Times. If you read it carefully, it doesn’t contain a single bit of real information at all; actually reminds me of an Eisenhower press conference — on the one hand this, on the other hand that.

Most of all, what the story didn’t acknowledge and didn’t even so much as hint, was the possibility that maybe, just maybe, Trump was doing what he has done every day of his adult, working life; i.e., shooting his mouth off about nothing in particular because that’s what business is really all about.

Don’t believe me? Buy a ticket for any weekday, 5 PM flight from O’Hare back to New York. You’ll find that just about every seat is occupied by a salesman who flew out that morning to show the product, shoot the shit and maybe make the sale. And on the way back to New York this guy will be sitting next to a salesman from another company, maybe even a competitor, and they’ll both be shooting the shit back and forth because that’s what business guys do. They shoot the shit.

They particularly will do it if they happen to be in a business which sells something that people don’t really need. And who really needs an apartment with gold toilet fixtures and chiffon drapes and rugs? Which is what Trump has been selling all his life, sometimes successfully, sometimes not, but that’s all he’s ever done.

One of these days the anti-Trump gang (I am a charter member, btw, because I lived in New York when Trump claimed he was ‘donating’ the cost of rebuilding the Wollman Rink when in fact he got paid) will figure out that for the very first time in his entire business career, Trump is running a business where he doesn’t have to worry about the P&L. And for a guy who loves to piss away other people’s money on this harebrain scheme or that, he’s now starting up a new business called The Oval Office with unlimited investment funds.

Now I don’t think this scheme is quite as dumb as the World Football League or Trump Air. Did he really think that customers grabbing the shuttle would even care whose name was on the side of the plane as long as they got to DC on time? But the bottom line is that when Trump says something to anyone about anything, all he’s doing is what he’s always done — shooting the shit without really caring what he says.

Remember the one time that Obama departed from the script? It was his comment about clinging to ‘guns and religion,’ a comment, incidentally, that was taped by someone attending an off-the-record fundraising event. And it’s comments like that one, or Romney’s ’47 percent,’ which professional politicians dread, which is why in public they never shoot the shit.

We’ve never had a President who ran a private business while he also ran the Executive Branch. There’s nothing which prevents Trump from doing both and every business guy will tell you that as long as it’s not illegal, he’s going to do whatever he wants to do. And I suspect that if The Trump Organization sold alternative-energy panels instead of memberships at Mat-A-Lago for 200 grand a pop, much of the anger and shock about his behavior would quickly fade away.

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