When Trump Tweets, The Mainstream Media Listens.

The last time Donald Trump said anything remotely political on Twitter was April 4th. This was also the last time that he used an alt-right media venue as his source, in this case the Drudge Report. And the tweet was about Susan Rice, who had become for about 48 hours the alt-right poster gal to deflect attention away from the ongoing investigations about Russian meddling in the campaign that ended on November 8th.

If anyone other than Rush Limbaugh still wants to promote the idea that Trump is pushing an alt-right agenda, they might want to compare his Twitter feeds before April 4th with what has gone up over the last week. He’s posted more than 20 tweets since the comment about Susan Rice, and they have been on such controversial issues as an announcement by Wal Mart about jobs, a speech before the building trades unions who can’t wait for an infrastructure bill to be passed, a reception for wounded warriors - his days appear to be filled up with wonderful, pro-American events complete with photo ops galore. Oh, he also wished everyone a Happy Passover.

Did you notice, by the way, that the much-heralded meeting with China’s President Xi didn’t generate any news at all? No talk about China screwing us on trade, no talk about getting ‘tough’ on Chinese currency manipulations, no talk about how Trump will get us a ‘better deal.’ There was one statement about Chinese-American trade on Twitter, according to our great deal-maker, ‘time will tell.’ Wow! Talk about a breakthrough.

No wonder President Xi stood there with a smile on his face while Trump’s grandchildren, Arabella and Joseph, were paraded in front of him and sang a little song. Because by scrapping the trans-Pacific Partnership, this schmuck in the White House simply gave the Chinese the upper hand in expanding their own economic and trade influence in the world economy, particularly in those regions where the Chinese already have the upper hand.

But since when did anything Trump has done since January 21 align with what he said he would do before he was sworn in? Which is why the new Trump persona being promoted on Twitter is such interesting news. And is also why I find it interesting that the mainstream media, the sworn ‘enemies’ of #45, have evidently decided that the new ‘real Donald Trump’ on Twitter isn’t newsworthy at all.

Back in January, when Trump was using his Twitter feed to attack everyone in sight, his then Grand Poobah, Steve Bannon said that the mainstream media was humiliated by the results of November 8th and should just keep their “mouths shut.” Now it’s a month later and Bannon has been banished to some small corner of the West Wing, but the press seems to have taken his comments to heart; i.e., as Trump stops giving them a daily dose of red-meat commentary, they seem to have nothing to say.

Is the Fourth Estate so dependent on Trump’s Twitter rantings so as to go along with the idea that when his grandchildren briefly serenade the President of China that there’s nothing more to report about what happened between Tump and Xi? Are mainstream media reporters so dependent on Trump’s tweets that if he doesn’t insult Hillary or Obama on Twitter that there’s no political news at all? If that’s so, then maybe Bannon’s correct and the mainstream media should just shut up.

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