WeissLabs Receiving Welcoming Student Response

On Jan. 21, the Weiss Tech House introduced students to one of its newest ventures –a student-run incubator called WeissLabs. WeissLabs seeks to cultivate Penn innovation by exposing student entrepreneurs to informative workshops, mentorship, and campus resources.

Guthrie Gintzler and Ernest Taveres, the creators of WeissLabs, officially launched the program and its accompanying facility on Jan. 21 in the Weiss Tech House. Rochelle Shen, a member of the WeissLabs team, cut the ribbon and invited students to tour the lab, located at the front rear of the Tech House. Students were invited to tour the lab and hear advice from Metiu Metev, co-founder of DreamIt alumnus Bestimators, and Wharton professor and Weiss Tech House Entrepreneur in residence, Lawrence Gelburd.

The WeissLabs team selected seven startups to participate in the inaugural year of the program. Students accepted into the WeissLabs boot camp have been granted 24/7 unlimited access to the lab throughout the remainder of the semester and are participating in a 10-week boot camp. The boot camp will conclude at the end of the semester with a culminating demo day event.

The companies in the Spring 2016 WeissLabs cohort include:


WeTrain is building the “Uber of Personal Training” with sessions starting at only $17. Our certified trainers show up — anywhere, anytime — and offer the same quality sessions as the gym at half the price. We have mobile tech developed and over 60 trainers in our pipeline, whom we are able to pay 30% more than what they make at the gym.

Factor Place

FactorPlace helps small businesses solve short-term cash flow needs. We work closely with vendors to identify their financing needs and find them the best invoice factoring program through our large network of trusted factors. We provide detailed reports and offer informational and networking resources for clients.

Turing Sensors

Political gridlock has shown that the world’s looming energy crisis needs to be resolved by technologies that bridge the gap between profitability and environmentalism. To do this, we are building a low cost, instantly installable wall plug attachment called Root which lets users control electricity flow remotely from an app, program schedules for when they want they want the device on, or simply automate it based on the user’s proximity to the plug. Root will be able to interact with other Root devices and future devices that we produce to maximize energy efficiency and create a low-cost smart home.


PATOS Shoes is a social-impact shoe brand that connects Latin America’s most skilled artisans with the world’s consumers using simple mobile technology. We sell handcrafted footwear with indigenous designs on our website and in high-end retailers. In order to scale our production while maintaining only artisanal goods, we’re building an Android app that allows artisans to join our network of suppliers and sell to the world at large.

Check them out: Website

Get in touch: Contact

Slice Capital

Recent legislation has opened the doors to the general public for investing in startups and acquiring equity. Prior to the passing of the upcoming update to Regulation A of the Jobs Act in May of this year, private business investment was an opportunity that was restricted to professional investors, like Venture Capitalists and Angel Investors. Small businesses will soon be able to raise up to $1 million annually in un-accredited investment in exchange for equity. Slice Capital is a finance-tech platform, looking to democratize the startup investment space, by bridging the gap between people who would like to invest in private businesses, including everyday individuals (non-accredited investors), and established, high-growth private businesses, looking to release equity, in exchange for new rounds of funding.

Crescent Plate

Crescent Plat provides a line of (never frozen) ready-to-eat lunch foods aimed at toddlers and sold in stores and online. The current market offerings are either frozen or thermally processed, which make them devoid of nutrients (e.g. chicken nuggets), or they have to be eaten within a day (e.g. freshly prepared foods). The product is unique in that it uses High Pressure Processing (HPP) technology, a pasteurization process that preserves nutrients and taste while extending the shelf-life of the food up to 72 days. This is good news for both our customers and the company: busy parents can stock up on our meals for convenience, as the company scales.

Emery & Elizabeth

Emery & Elizabeth has done the work so she doesn’t have to. With just three quality styles and all the right features, we provide the perfect bra for everyday wear. Our e-commerce platform and home try-on service means she can try her options on with different pieces in her wardrobe. Once she finds her perfect fit, she sends the others back, all free of charge. Additionally, a percentage of every bra purchase will be donated to help put girls through school — further building on our mission to empower women. Together, we can lift your ladies AND the future leading ladies.