dev team releases open source project

The development team is proud to release a new open source project, Drupal Test Traits (DTT). DTT enables you to run PHPUnit tests against your Drupal web site, without wiping your database after each test class. That is, you test with your usual content-filled database, not an empty one. We hope lots of Drupal sites will use DTT and contribute back their improvements. Thanks to PreviousNext and Phase2 for being early adopters. is a large, content-centric site. Most of our tests click around and assert that content is laid out properly, the corresponding icons are showing, etc. In…

I recently worked with the team to transition its development environment from Vagrant to Docker. We went with “vanilla Docker,” as opposed to one of the fine tools like DDev, Drupal VM, Docker4Drupal, etc. We are thankful to those teams for educating and showing us how to do Docker right. A big benefit of vanilla Docker is that skills learned there are generally applicable to any stack, not just LAMP+Drupal. We are super happy with how this environment turned out. We are especially proud of our MySQL Content Sync image — read on for details!

Pretty docks at Boston Harbor. Photo credit.

Docker compose

The heart of our…

This week marks Drush’s 10 year anniversary! This old utility knife has responded to millions of requests, shaving seconds off our daily tasks. We hear it all the time at Meetups, Camps and Cons: “I couldn’t live without Drush!” We agree, and use it all day long.

In order to thrive for another decade, the Drush maintainers are sharing some significant changes for Drush 9. Note that Drush 8 will be maintained for a long time so please don’t fret if your needs aren’t met by Drush 9.


  1. Drush 9 commands will be classes, not procedural .inc files. We have…

Frigid is the trip from bed
Rescue is warmth on head
My favorite start to any day
A shower wisks the sleep away
Potent potions scrub my skin
Barnacles fall from gill to fin
A solo shower suits me fine
A duo plunge kisses divine
Dripping we spawn
And conclude with a lovers howl
Where art thou my towel, my towel?

Moshe Weitzman

Long time core Drupal developer and consultant. Maintainer of Drush

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