2017, Mental and Physical Development, Completed

I love data! Here are some numbers to show off my development in 2017 where my new discovery of rock climbing has changed my physical life. Have a look.


  • Apple Watch,
  • iPhone 6s or up
  • Health App

Activities Graph

Red Circle: Activity percentage. Green Circle: 30 min workout goal. Inner: Standup goals

My main tracker is the Apple Watch, and this figure above was the composite of the activities app that comes with the watch. As you can see, the green dots are shown to mean the days where I actively tracked the day.

Health Graphs


1,597,427 to 1,682,166

84,739 steps increase.


I’m not a runner, and my main workout is climbing, so my steps are still pretty, on average, low.

Heart Rate:

Increase average heart rate from 110 to 126, due to more workouts the average has been raised. It’s also consistent too where as last year, there’s more fluctuation.

I don’t climb to lose weight, I climb to get healthier. However there is an average of 5 pounds being lost consistenly. Being able a muscular, and heavy person is hard for climbers, but it’s also allows for more muscle hypertrophy.

Distance walked/ran. Even though I’m not a runner, I’ve also increased an average of 40 miles this year in distance!

These statistics are pretty indicative of how many times I go to the gym, here are the charts for the amount of workout calories, as well as the times I spend working out.

Calories Burned: Increase from 99,897.39 → 216,048.19 
116,150.8 Increase
3000 calories per pound, that’s 38.72 pounds burned.

Time Spend Working Out: Increase from 108 hours, to 368 hours working out. That’s an average of an hour per day of workout per year. I’m very proud of myself for this. I spend an hour per day working out this year, woah.

Though 2017 has been a bad year for most, it’s been for me the healtiest year I’ve ever lived, and I am happy that the troubles that got me into climbing has lead me into a hopefully lifetime of physical and mental growth.