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September to October! — modified image, source: pixabay, author: ijmaki

What’s up! GDG Singapore / GDG Cloud Singapore here! It’s been a month since the end of Google Cloud Next OnAir (sad stuff I know), but I’m happy to say that it was taken over by plenty that happened during the month of September. Not to mention, many activities happening along with DevFest in the month of October!

Let’s take a quick look at all of the good stuff that happened in the month of September!

The Future of Data Transfer — 5th September 2020

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Kicking off the month of September, we have a re:Work event, titled “The Future of Data Transfer”, hosted by Julius and Weiyuan of GDG Singapore. …

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Can you build a fully functional (and nice-looking) web application quickly with AngularJS ? I tried to find out by creating a site in less than 24 hours.

I’ve wanted to try out AngularJS for a long time now. So here’s me, going ALL IN, all in one day, with little to no prior experience on getting started with this framework.

Some context — I have had experience working with other frontend frameworks like Next.js …

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source: pixabay, author: ju_sajjad0

When dancing to the tunes of your swan song, tread with care, tread with respect, but don’t tread on your friends and colleagues that you’re leaving behind.

Leaving an organization, especially if it is a good one, can be depressing.

However, more often than not, it can also be either anger induced (quitting) or anger triggering (laid off, fired). Both ways, it’s crappy, and no one likes to go through the process of investing themselves with a company for some time, before being made to leave.

As the lead of my team, I had the somewhat fortunate (or unfortunate in some ways) experience to both process the first departure of a member in my team, and then going through the departure process myself, in a short time span of two months. …


Weiyuan Liu

Staff Engineer, Hubble | Former Tech Lead, Rakuten Viki | bit.ly/weiyuan

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