Design a better meeting experience across platforms

I joined this project as the Lead Designer for Bluejeans’ Android app. They already have worked on the iOS redesign for about one year, got a very fresh design, and was aiming to sweat out the android and apple watch redesign. I redesigned the apple watch app and helped test and craft the iOS app.

Project 1 — Translating iOS to Android

The Translation

It is not just about translation.

The In-Meeting part has been released already, try it in Google Play Store :)

The Challenges

  1. iOS vs Android. Should keep the identify consistent for the Bluejeans brand as well as different platforms (iOS, Android, Desktop).
  2. Navigation. A lot of tradeoffs for translating the iOS tab bar to the navigation of Material Design.
  3. Collaboration. Working with remote developers (based in India), and implementing the design (also my first time) in a very short time.
  4. Design for Android. I have rarely used Android phone, and it was my first time working on Material Design.

Learn by doing

  1. Learn iOS and Android Material Design guidelines in depth.
  2. Learn from Apple and Google, their own products.
  3. Learn from best practices, but be careful.
  4. Learn from everywhere that talking about designing for iOS and Android.
  5. Learn from engineers.
  6. Practice, practice, practice.
  7. Design, design, design.
  8. Iterate, iterate, iterate.

For a better collaboration

Design Specification with Use Cases

Though we already have a use case doc for the iOS app, there is still some differences for the Android app (for example, the Android app has an additional screen sharing feature). Also, it will benefit a lot for the developers to see the use case and the flow before implementing since they have to wire up the logic of the back-end. Put the design in the context is always very important. Later on, we iterated directly on this doc, which make both designers’ and developers’ life easier.

Organized Sprite Sheet

In order to make the communication and implementation more efficient, I created a sprite sheet with all the icons and other design elements in a more organized way.

Evaluate and Iterate

I also helped QA test each build, instantly provided feedbacks with actionable suggestions and design refinements.

Project 2 — Redesigning Apple Watch App

The redesign has been released already, try it in App Store :)