Designing for Wearables

It is just the beginning.

We are designing the experience but not the phone screens. With that mentality, I started to pay more attention to products that beyond the phone. I am really desired to learn and explore the potential of smart watch. As a designer, it is also a must for me to learn designing for smart watch. I did some personal projects for this purpose.


A native apple watch app only for running


  1. Simplify the apple’s default workout app, to make it only for running.
  2. Learn both the technical and design of WatchOS 2.
  3. Learn and practice Quartz Composer/Origami prototyping.



An emergency help built in Apple Watch

This small project was for an apple watch hackathon, where we only had 5–6 hours to work on the idea, design and come out with a working prototype demo in the end. I worked very closely with the engineer to build both the apple watch app and the iOS app.