All your favorite fashion brands perfectly fitted to you

It is my first Startup Weekend. We were challenged to design a service that tackle the size choosing problem in less than two days. I led the mobile and web design and collaborated with PM, developers, and graphic designer. We won the 3rd place with lots of appreciation and great feedback from the judges and our target users.

Frustrating Shopping Experience

“… It’s actually kind of terrible for your self-esteem, because, despite the fact that you should not define your self-worth by your jean size, you can’t help it just a little.”

We got 122 survey responses back from users and validated that this sucks for everyone, women and men. Jeans was #1.

Jeans was #1 from 122 survey responses

It is painful for both customers and business.

“Returns are expensive for companies: According to studies, between twenty to forty percent of all clothing purchased online is returned, often due to issues with fit, costing fashion e-tailers millions. 20–30% return rate on clothes purchased online, resulting in approximately $ 2 billion of lost revenue. ” — Business of Fashion

We also did secondary research and spoke to fashion experts to learn more about the existing solutions and technology use in this space.

“Clothes are developed via fit models who are not representative of the wide array of body types.” — Rita Irrissari, fashion executive.

Lots of competitors that no one has heard of, all fall short. All trying to get body measurements accurately, with as little work as possible. No one has nailed the user experience.

Companies that are trying to address this problem

How can PerfectFit help?

PerfectFit, marries accurate body measurements, style preferences to provide trust between consumers and brands.

Get the “Perfect” Measurement

Printout Tape Measure + Mobile App Walkthrough & Personalization

We thought about using a smart digital tape, which can automatically get the perfect measurement. While, there are some technology constraints. On the other hand, users only have to measure very few times. A smart but expensive tape cannot bring much value to them.

Show the “Perfect” Fit

Browser Extension for Online + Mobile App for Offline Shopping

Beyond — A Personalized Closet For You

Imagine a site where everything is in your style, fits your body, and is in stock.

Team with lots of post-its