Quirky Eval

Digitalize the Product Evaluation Experience

The Current Quirky Product Evaluation

Quirky makes invention accessible, we bring people’s ideas to life. There are thousands of ideas submitted each week, thus, the product evaluation — Eval is very important to Quirky and the whole community. Every Thursday at 7 pm, we gather a group of industry experts, friends, and community members for this live product evaluation. While, we would like to rethink the Eval experience, to create better platforms for both the community members and the Quirky admin.

A More Engaging Experience

Community Experience



  1. Explore and Evaluate: See which inventions are in the lineup for this weeks’ Eval event.
  2. Watch and Learn: Learn more about each invention so you can cast an informed vote.
  3. Influence and Earn: Answer questions based on your expertise to earn influence on an invention.
  4. React and Record: Watch Video Reactions from our community, and Record yours too.

Live Eval

  1. Watch and Comment: Watch the Live Stream and react in real-time with the Quirky community.
  2. Drag and Make: When it’s time to vote, drag it to Yes or No to impact whether an invention is made!

Admin and Presentation Experience

The Design Process


I started this project on the very first day at Quirky. Unfortunately, I haven’t experienced in any Quirky Eval and was very unfamiliar with the experience. I decided to immerse myself into the experience as much as I can so that I could be able to have a deep understanding.

  1. Experience Eval both online and offline.
  2. Examine the current admin and live stream tool.
  3. Learn and analyze community and admin feedback.
  4. Think about the whole system and the architecture.
  5. Think about the whole system and the architecture.


A lot of explorations in this design phase, as we aimed to create a more valuable, engaging and fun experience for both Quirky and the Community.

  1. Explore and sketch different design solutions.
  2. Design critiques on the whole experience.
  3. Craft wireframes and design out the details.
  4. Explore different UI/visual solutions for the app.
Tons of wireframes, Tons of explorations

I helped the Creative Director roll out the presentation. We presented the first version to the CEO and got great appreciations and feedbacks. Continued to gather feedbacks from different stakeholders and iterate.

Community Experience Overview for V1

It’s all about iterations.

Iterations and Explorations