Gift horses and U2

Why people hate America

Apple®© just recently did something really nice for everyone with an Itunes account. What did you do? You complained about it. U2 is one of the biggest bands in the history of rock. Their music has shaped countless lives and they do a lot (more than you can imagine) of charity work. The American public just treated U2 like an unwanted AOL CD that used to come in the mail every other day. Get off your high horse and humbly accept the free gift.

I am keeping the music. Do I like U2? Not as much as I used to but I like music and I especially like free music. People falsely assume that free = terrible or not worth having. I just don't understand the mindset behind rejecting an offer like this. It is practically hypocritical to turn this offer down. You want free stuff as long as you get to choose what it is. When you were a child, did you reject the Chrismas and birthday gifts you might have received? If you did, you are a bigger loser than I am giving you credit for.

Furthermore, there is nothing you have to do! You can let it just sit in your library and never listen to it. You don't have to change anything you were already doing. You are balking for no reason at all. By complaining about getting something free you are letting everyone know how ungrateful you are as a person. I really hope this affects the gifts you receive in the future in a negative way (fewer, unusable junk), because you don’t deserve any better.

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