The December 25th lie(s)

Deceit became a tradition.

Each year, new parents ask the best way to introduce the December 25th holiday without lying to their children. Almost without fail a “Jesus is the reason for the season” pops up and this is lie number one. Another question that arises is “How do I explain incorporate Santa without lying?” or something similar to that. The idea of Santa being a real person is lie number two. In the following I hope to offer a solution to both of these lies.

While it may seem strange that a devout follower of God and New Testament teachings should denounce Jesus being born on December 25th, I simply have to reference the bible to state that there are zero mentions of the exact date of Jesus’ birth. We are told of his resurrection (Easter) which is far more important that his birth date. We are also instructed to not add to the word (Deuteronomy 12:32, Revelation 22:18) by adding a date of birth for Jesus we are clearly violating the instructions/commandment. If I were to ask you to verify how many wisemen were present at Jesus’ birth, where would you find the correct answer? Just because there were three things brought to Jesus doesn’t mean it took three men to bring it. There were at least two men but there could have been ten. We simply do not know the correct answer besides the traditions we have repeated in error. Jesus has not always been a part of the December 25th holiday. As proof of this just look at when certain areas of the world celebrate His birth. There are at least four dates and all of them can not be correct and possibly none of them are correct. If you really want to celebrate Jesus then do it on Easter which is the resurrection and when we were freed from death. This doesn’t even bring into account that there are some people in the world who do not believe in God or that he exists let alone Jesus.

If Jesus is not the reason for the season, who is? Saint Nicholas on December 6th would put coins in children’s shoes. This event is the spirit of what we do on December 25th. Over the years St. Nick has gone through transformations and is currently called Santa Claus. I have had someone argue with me that St. Nick was not Santa. Jolly ol’ St Nick was Santa. Santa kind of was a real person at one time but he is not real today. Saint Nicholas never had miraculous powers nor is he omnipresent, all knowing, or all seeing. Assigning attributes to someone only God could have is wrong and another lie we can easily avoid. Giving gifts towards the end of the year to those we love shouldn’t involve pretenses and lies. We can tell our children the story of Saint Nicolas and how this turned into Santa without lying. We can tell our children that all the gifts come from loved ones. We can decorate festively. We can do all of this without lying or misleading anyone especially vulnerable/impressionable children.

Spending time with loved ones should never include a lie. We did not invent a birthday elf to bring gifts on our birthdays so why do we feel compelled to lie about where other gifts come from? The truth hurts sometimes, but if you told the truth from the beginning it wouldn’t hurt or play with ones emotions. Think about how devastated children become when they learn that Santa, Easter bunny, tooth fairy, and other made up figures were not real? They are hurt because they found out you lied to them. They may never fully trust you again. You abhor it when someone lies to you, yet you hypocritically lie to your children. Children can handle the truth…can you?