Maturity phase of the curve can be a tough place to stand on. Whether you are a person or a product, a brand or an industry, you will be plagued by insecurity. “Is it downhill from here? Has my offering become obsolete?” These are the questions that echo inside your cranium.

You are the cow that has been milked for years. You had a good run. But now you’re left with saggy breasts and a stomach full of whatever sh*t they fed you during the years of your growth. Forget the stage and the spotlight. Forget that one hit song you’ve had. You need some real ROI.

You are bitter and frustrated. You panic. You’re a middle-aged Asian living in Germany. You find out that your height and rice-belly won’t sell, even if you’d give prostitution a try. In a frenzy, you lose your bearing. You forget your STPs. You throw your value proposition out the door.

Your body is in shock and you feel calm. “Let’s go digital!”, a voice yells in a distant corner of your brain. Everyone is online. IRAJ is online. You put up a status on Facebook. It’s corny but 100 people like it because they still remember you. Congratulations! You have harnessed the power of social.

Chitral’s rant about Guns N’ Roses. Translation: Axel Rose can’t sing. Slash can’t even tune a guitar. The band’s timing is completely off. This is the sad reality about the music that commercial bands play. Credit: Di Lee San

Now you start experimenting. You are f*cking Leonardo Da Vinci jacked up on steroids. You try a cliche rant. You do the ‘ooops I’m drunk and saying something absurd’. You insult someone without factual basis. The likes counter is going bonkers. You go to the alcohol store, buy more booze, sit at your computer and continue with your new favourite ‘strategy’.

What you don’t see, is your remaining fans getting tired of your sh*t. They see you for the vain, prejudiced old man that you have become. China will have to build a new silk route to bridge your product and your brand promise.

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