Nightmare Before Christmas — Thoughts

In Tim Burton’s “The Nightmare Before Christmas” we are put into the moody, atmospheric world of Halloweentown and how it’s very own Jack Skellington wishes to take over Christmas.

Being a Tim Burton film, lighting and atmosphere are pivotal to setting the mood of the film. Everything is gloomy and dreary in true Burton fashion but in it’s undead thematic way the world is full of life. Christmastown is quite different in the fact that it’s colorful and bright, which amazes Jack and draws him in to the point he wants more.

Several characters have particular characteristics and styles to them that make them unique. Jack has a lanky walk style due to his long slender legs and unpredictable actions, his face is also one of the most expressive out of the characters. Oogie Boogie is quite animated himself having a very dramatic musical number as our primary introduction to him. Movement is a key factor in developing our characters and each one needs to feel different from the last. Being stop motion it’s this illusion of being real that draws viewers in and keeps them invested in what’s going on.

I don’t think “The Nightmare Before Christmas” would be as successful if it were a traditionally animated film or if it were attempted to be remade in live action or as a 3D animated film. Stop motion and Burton go hand in hand, this is largely thanks to the freedom of movement puppets and figures provide which allow Burton and his team to exaggerate everything to fit Burton’s style.

I love this film and I love Burton’s film resume. He has such a style that no other director can replicate and achieve the same effect. Tim Burton is also a genius at creating playfully dark, atmospheric worlds and characters.

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