Knee Replacement Surgeon in Gujarat

Knee Replacement at Welcare Hospital

Dr. Mody is a Best Knee Replacement Surgeon in Gujarat and founder of the Best Knee Replacement Hospital in Gujarat Welcare hospital. He is also the Head of the Department of Orthopaedics.He is a world renowned orthopaedic surgeon with specialization in Hip, Knee Replacement, Arthroscopic surgeries.His team comprises other highly experienced orthopaedic surgeons who are capable of tackling all other aspects of Orthopaedics.Dr. Mody has to his personal credit, an experience of having performed more than 40,000 orthopaedic operations.

Best Knee Replacement Hospital in Gujarat

While it’s pretty common for heritage buildings or other architectural marvels to become a landmark in any city, it’s not often that a hospital becomes a talking point. But that’s exactly what the city-based Welcare Hospital has managed to achieve, thanks to the visionary leadership of its director Dr. Bharat Mody, who is also the chief joint replacement surgeon of the hospital. In fact, this multi super-speciality hospital at Atladara is so well-planned that it has got hospital planners from different corners of the globe queuing up to take a look. Recently, the VP of Valiance, a well-known USA based chain which is looking at getting into the healthcare segment in India, visited the hospital to get an idea and their team was thrilled with what they saw! In fact, they were heard saying that Welcare Hospital has set new benchmarks in hospital planning in India.